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  1. I was in a winter break. Let's see Had dozens of inquiry in this regard. My full seriousness.
  2. Dieser Gamemode wurde leider Gottes erneut voreilig released. Wer Interesse hat: http://mta-sa.org/index.php?page=Thread ... highlight=
  3. he videos are already stabbed me in the eye. The idea is great. However, the graphical implementation is disastrous. That would be the only criticism. => Pictures are badly placed to each other (with integers work at DXDraw) => The images themselves have been poorly implemented. (Gaps, over-scaling, soft edges) => The "Photoshop models" are strangely very pixelated. (Which version are you using? CS2?) Especially when small improvements here are still to be seen, I will a small fan of this game mode. That is beyond question. I support everything that is new!
  4. Ähm, what? The "original" comes from me. Unfortunately not the complete design, however the script. For what reason has now been deleted? By the way: Another of my uploaded resources depend on it. P. S. Sorry that I'm complaining here
  5. That was aware of. That one hears!
  6. For example, for positioning, coordination and management of sound elements.
  7. Really? Hm.. do you use a SFX-Manager?
  8. Doubleupload: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=7554 and http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=7532 ..its the same resource. DONE
  9. Hier werdet ihr niemanden finden.. zu wenig deutsche Nutzer hier
  10. Today I once cut a new video showing the event (more or less) "Ride of the Century". In Ride of the Century is a lot of motorcyclists and other fast enough driving 2 wheels (sometimes small 4-wheel) gather in one spot and hit the town. Among them are also risky moves, tricks, some speed and dangerous situations such as a police pursuit or the like. This increases the respect from other drivers. This Event is actually everyone is invited. The more the merrier they say. However, the authorities warn that it is very risky to drive a car or motorcycle on the road with ~ 100 others. Accidents, eg by risky maneuvers or other errors. This video is not recommended for imitation. It serves merely to get an idea of how it might look on the streets in America. These videos were filmed in St. Louis, Missouri with GoPro's.
  11. Why do I laugh now? Well, he has already said it ^ ^
  12. dafuq? No Hm.. I'm still thinking if the makes sense.
  13. Thanks. "where the hell did you get that beautiful radio".. this is my script I've been actually doing more or less accidentally.
  14. Right. The main reason was that the SFX, the car was not synchronized with the transition. It just sounded too lame.
  15. Has its limits. Actually, the implementation period was quite short THANKS
  16. Hehe.. that was more or less a test. Yes, there are several follow.
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