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  1. Lawl dkm, ccw give me the username George ya frool!
  2. Server's release date: https://forums.vc-rp.net/index.php?/topic/1287-vcrp-status-update-28-release-date/&do=findComment&comment=13274
  3. Its quite absurd of you to constantly say that you have a server with 400+ players and that they'll move over to MTA just for your server, first off why don't you provide proof of that or stfu about it because it's annoying to think that you'll succeed like that.
  4. On this roleplay server, OwlGaming, we got trailers to roleplay with, such as making deliveries with a truck then putting a trailer on the back, or a Utility Van with a trailer where we can put cars on it. But there is an issue from MTA, when we're driving with the trailers, not everybody sees it, or it randomly detaches and I need it fixed so we can actually carry on roleplay with these stuff, right now if I were to go from a mansion at Richman to IGS with a truck and trailer, people at IGS wont see my trailer, but I will and incoming vehicles from behind will be hitting my trailer that I'm s
  5. I need help removing these bushes that are marked around the red box, please help me, I also need it in the .map wise, so for example, the tree that's within the square box, if I remove it, in the .map file, it's like "removeWorldObject (veg_palm04) (2)" radius="22.657042" interior="0" model="620" lodModel="0" posX="2367.6016" posY="-1706.2891" posZ="11.28906" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"> So please remove it like that, please.
  6. okay so this vehicle library system my friend gave me, it gives me a Mysql error Now heres the MySQL CODE REMOVED
  7. Do you have a decompiled version of your DayZ scripts @-ffs-Sniper? It'd be much appreciated man, my friends are looking forward to new things and I can do nothing with the current one given that's compiled please.
  8. This isn't your resource plain n' simple, I found it off a leaked website full of scripts.
  9. I am myself an administrator using the /add admin George command and before I had no admin at all I gave myself it and now I can't give no one nor can I promote/demote anyone it just says you are not admin or somewhat but I am, why?
  10. I fixed it, I just got opened the server sided .lua file and looked underneath the addCommandHandler and looked at what group in the ACL you have to be in to open this gui and it didn't have any so I had my own ACL group of "Owner" and replaced the only line (Right underneath me) to the other line (The bottom bottom line). Can't believe I actually fixed this myself Thanks for helping tho. if not isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(pSource)), aclGetGroup(aclGroup)) then if not isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(pSource)
  11. So I got the decompiled version of DayZ and I figured that anyone is allowed to make/remove anyone to/from admin/supporter and I want that changed, I want it to only allow anyone in the ACL group "Admin" to be allowed to use the command /add Heres what I found: function setGroup(playersource, command, teamName, targetString) if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(playersource)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then do local foundTargetPlayer = getPlayerWildcard(targetString) if foundTargetPlayer then if teamName ~= "admin" and teamName ~= "supp
  12. This is a public script and doesn't say I require permission for editing. @Mr.Risk, the gui is still not opening, I was wondering if there was a problem with the addCommandHandler line or something, not sure but I've never seen a .lua code with the addCommandHandler like that but if you do know that that isn't the problem then go with what you think is just trying to help since I'm useless already atm. addCommandHandler("give", function(pSource)
  13. I got this Give Item Panel and when I do /give, it doesn't open. Client: Server: NOTE: I'm not really much of a scripter but any support will be thanked for and also I want the gui to open to anyone in the ACL Group of "Admin".
  14. Done, server works, enjoying my time, thanks for the support. L&A pls
  15. Sorry for double post but right after I posted the other post, I searched for the DayZ legit scripts from ffs-Sniper and got the files, thanks for the help but it finally worked, just trying to figure out how do I kill myself if anyone knows the command?
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