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  1. The person who should be more afraid is YOU
  2. maybe created by you but you took money for it, Will paid you for scripting for him so its his now.Its like saying GTASA belongs to people who worked for creating the game( scripters,graphics designers) not ROCKSTAR GAMES so its wrong.Will Briggs owns copyrights and he has all right to distribute it.HE PAID YOU...
  3. No man I have all scripts of SAUR , i bought from that guy so i want to know if i can distribute.Its mine... i payd
  4. rolling11

    Set Hp

    You can simply use if not var then I don't understand how "If not var then" is more simple, it just depends on person how he wants to use it....both good I find the == false quite ugly, like using 'if (var == true) then' when you can just use 'if var then'. same thing...., what a shame many lazy people around these days
  5. rolling11

    Set Hp

    You can simply use if not var then I don't understand how "If not var then" is more simple, it just depends on person how he wants to use it....both good
  6. why dont you just help the guy , if you cant dont post
  7. who are you to judge that? i questioned his scripting skills because he asked a simple question about how to enable login in mysql ... in scripting section.So he doesnt know any scripting.
  8. Then ask your fucking host.Its scripting forum not linux
  9. Then ask your fucking host.This is scripting forum not linux
  10. I am interested (PM me if you still want scripter)
  11. you could help him instead and stop being a shit
  12. I am Noob, YES! .I really don't want to be a pro in gaming world, games should be played for fun for couple of hours.You should stop crying here,
  13. As I said in post. PM me for Modat roleplay script around 5 people already got it..... P.S instead of arguing over here you could read my first post. No offense
  14. 2 owners with two views. Where SAUR is going , this is not going to stay for long time without original founder.What you have to stay
  15. I think this thread is made by a MTA fanboy with his own war stories
  16. they dont sell mta servers.Only saimp
  17. Whats up with this server? It was one of my favorite server but there somethings wrong with it.I heard that original owners left and its now run by some rookies and its going to shut down soon.Is this just a rumor or its true???
  18. onPlayerJoin triggers when player joins the game, not after download finishes. no man , onPlayerJoin works when player login to server account . onplayerconnect works when player joins
  19. MODAT ROLEPLAY 1.1RELEASE DATE 1st May 2012 since many people are complaining about release Forum PM be to get the latest beta before release date! ( not safe) The script we are using is 100% made from scratch.This script was released on mta community last time but it was compiled, this time we going to release it without compiling it plus its a new version. This makes it so that you will find a lot of unique features.Some examples are our hunger system, Vehicle System, Factions, House system, Business System and a lot more. More information about the script is down below. The script is not the only thing that makes one of the best roleplay servers around Features: Dynamic House System Dynamic Business System Dynamic Building System Dynamic Gang HQ System Dynamic Faction Vehicles System Dynamic Vehicles System Dynamic Point System Dynamic Families System Dynamic Car Dealership Dynamic GPS System Realistic Fishing GPS System: Zombie Skils - Zombies can use a new skill every level up. - Factions - We have apocalyptic based faction. - Searching - We have a searching function you're able to search inside certain interiors for items and weapons. - Cities - We have 4 "safe cities" you're able to build up reputation to open the gates of the city to purchase weapons and items or roleplay inside of them. - Human Skills - We have certain skills you can base your character off of and build up your skills. Such as Aim skill, Luck Skill, and Mechanical Skill. - Mapping - We have over 40,000 objects. - Talent Skills - At registration you have a choice of 5 talents you may choose from. - Crafting - You may craft weapons and items from materials or wood you have gathered. - Mining - We have a mining skill that allows you to mine ores at the quarry. - Wood Cutting - We have a wood cutting skill that allows you to collect wood for craftable items. - Permanent Zombie - Players that break the rules, generally not knowing how to roleplay, or they come into the server with a non-rp name will be turned into a permanent zombie meaning they may not switch back to the human class. Clothing Accessories Hats,bandanas,masks,glasses Clothes Arcade Games,Pool Fast foods Command:/eat Casino Commands:/bet,/gamble,more soon Restaurant Just a restaurant Weapon Shop A little weapon shop with expensive stock. Cyber Caffe General cyber cafe RP area Electronic Shop Buy phone,phone things... Lock Shop Buy vehicle alarms,vehicle related things. Bank Just a bank! Lounge Caffes Caffe,bars,etc. Gym Faction List: Police Department US Marshalls Medical Departments Senate Weazel News Taxi Cab Company Kind Of Businesses: 24-7 Tools R Us Clothes Store Club Casino Restaurant Real Economy: Realistic Currency. Realistic Paycheck System Jobs: Detective Lawyer Whore Drug Dealer Mechanic Garbage Collector Weapon Crafting Boxer Drug Farmer Drug Smuggler Robber [being Remade - Unique System] Pizza Boy Stuntman [Exclusive to our script] Hacker [All New and Unique] More Jobs Coming Soon! REQUIREMENTS: Link