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    Cs, Dod, Mta, so on...
  1. jezz, i thought this forum was to post Yes im in and only that. This fuckin form would have only 5 posts in it if i were admin.. O and Yes, i for sure want a pice of this pie. im in! My shit video will have a link at http://www.ddestroyers.tk, prob in the downloads section once i get that up! peace!...
  2. oo, and without bragging rednecks america would be nothing and Canada would pwn the world! w00t
  3. Yea, pplz can join R* http://www.clan-r.tk but you need to try out first! as u can tell by the website we are serious and are trying our own methods of coding! contact info is at the website sep for myne however msn: joekola258@hotmail.com aim: spongebob258258 Y!: coolboarder258
  4. This is not really a screen but tere are so many topics in MTAVC so yea... My MTA crashes when someone joins or leaves and im not quiet sure if it crashes when they kill or die ither! Help! I hear alot of these problems from my gang R* http://www.clan-r.tk
  5. WhoreLord


    yep, and i also get kiked out when some1 Joins, Kills, Dies, Leaves
  6. I pause game all the time but sometimes when i go bak it crashes and sometimes i am still standing there!
  7. Yes, me and my gang R* (visit http://www.clan-r.tk) would like this very much, you see, some pplz are not as good of drivers so when we have gang warz we want to go in groups to trash there members and run away! Well, i could explain it may ways but there is no need because this is a must!
  8. Yo homie, u fucked! Jus be patent and download v1.1 patch then see wut happens
  9. Lol! i was using mta:gta3 ... duh! ms.liberty is a mod for gta3! and can some1 gimmie link for gtat! i want it, i got 3computer lan conection
  10. i dunno bout the aim but they do help!
  11. Yes, sounds good! I understand this will be in MTAVC n e ways but i want to make sure with the talking will we ba able to bind the key for it? like in cs i hate the y and u so i use 1 and 2 and my guns are 3 4 5 6 7
  12. Lol! That is funny, im laughing! i play with my cousins over the phone! we have all the exat same mods and we clim ms.liberty with bikes and drive off!! so fun!i land and she flies in water! she goes too fast
  13. WhoreLord

    Vice City Glitches

    Yea! i restarted vc and when i got to the mission were you rob the bank i killed all the hostages and then every1 and somehow they still were talking and mission did not faile! ofcourse i died cause every1 turned invisible and i got shot at from everywere
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