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    [HELP]Download Speed

    Also interesting is that this problem which I described appears to some people in that server, but not for all
  2. First of all, I want to appologise if I'm writing in wrong section(can't find needed one). So my problem is Download Speed related. My network speed is normal, and I have Pretty fast download speeds from MTA servers, except from one. Basically meaning in one specific server i get around 2-40 KB/s, but in the other hand on other servers I have fine download speed, for example, 1MB file downloads in aproximately 2 s. Also ping when I'm in server, after slow download, my ping is also fine 40-70ms (its OK joining to servers abroad) The server Im trying to connect isn't mine, it's clan server. A
  3. Silly mistake (rofl) , , although i made same type of table in .lua(3 level tables, meaning there is table in table) Thanks anyway, didn't thought to validate xml file . Happens sometimes.
  4. Here you go, a part of my script. function ShowWindow() local player = getLocalPlayer() local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) local trailer = getVehicleTowedByVehicle(vehicle) local towedvehicle = getVehicleTowingVehicle ( trailer ) if vehicle then xmlLoaded = xmlLoadFile( "List.xml" ) if xmlLoaded then outputDebugString("trueloading") else outputDebugString("falseloading") end if ( towedvehicle == vehicle ) then if getElementModel(trailer) == 584 then Trailerxml = xmlFindChild( xml
  5. Hello! So my problem is that i can't load xml file after i edited data in it. It was loading succesfully, but when i replaced it with the file made exactly like previous. Ok it doesn't loads, and i tried putting back my previous xml file, (which WAS working) but it don't work either anymore. Any suggestions?
  6. Moderators, please Close the topic. Problem solved. And Again thanks Anderl for advice
  7. Thanks, now just need to understand what each function do
  8. What functions could be associated with xml? never used so i have no idea and thanks for advice
  9. ok, so tables could be like this Table1 = {"Table1:Data1","Table1:Data2","Table1:Data3",}. I'll try to explain better, but i dont know how to do that. I made up a gui window where is 3 gridlists. when i click on item from 1st gridlist, then it takes table which is ment to that object in 1st gridlist and show up on 2nd gridlist its values. for example: Table1 = {"Table1:Data1","Table1:Data2","Table1:Data3",} TableData1 = {} TableData2 = {} TableData3 = {} for each value in Table1 have thei own table with other values. i'm making a window from wich to choose trucker job
  10. Hello!, I'm kinda new on this forums, but always look at topics about scripting, before asking. So now i can't find answer to my question. Here is the question: How i can get tables used in order? For example, I want to use tables on gridlist. When i choose item in 1st gridlist(items from Table1), it triggers another table(Table2) to be used in 2nd gridlist, and then when i choose element on 2nd gridlist, it triggers new table(Table3) to be used in 3rd gridlist. every item item in Table 1 (from gridlist) Triggers another table with specific data. I need atlest one way to trigger these tabl
  11. Presenting our made map. Hope you like Skilled Securicar. It's not that easy .
  12. Dreamer

    Car paint

    if i understood correctly then in ( local theAccount = ' ' ) between ' ' i have to put account name?? yes?? and also this script should be client or server side?
  13. Dreamer

    Car paint

    How to bind car colour to specific user account? I'm interested in this script too
  14. I personaly think my map is ok for 7h work in 2 days (with testing) for a map
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