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  1. IncreEngine

    Help me :)

    Write your own converter.
  2. IncreEngine

    MTA CRASH 1.3

    Try to reinstall directx or GTA.
  3. O man. I guess that was hard work .
  4. getElementData ( hitElement, "Job", true ) Show your setElementData code.
  5. IncreEngine


    It is not, otherwise the GUIs would look differently, do no try to deceive people from the fact that you have used code from other projects WITHOUT crediting the original authors. That is just a very sad fact. The mostly of code has been written by me. This is a fact and a lot of people can say that. I expect, that i am your competition. You are owner a rp server.
  6. Use MTA settings to change it.
  7. Kalcor (SA-MP Team leader): Oryginal: http://forum.sa-mp.com/showpost.php?p=1 ... ostcount=9 What do you think?
  8. It is caused by internet speed, connection speed etc. Describe type of connection that u use.
  9. IncreEngine


    The code is completely other. Also, (tornado etc.) are only for showcase, not for use.
  10. Ha,ha... I know this, man. MTA has better minimum hardware requirements than CRYSIS 2. Always, when i play MTA, then temperatures of my processor and graphic card are >90°. You want burn my new i7? ...
  11. IncreEngine

    Problem ACL Help

    No way, man. It must works.
  12. IncreEngine

    Problem ACL Help

    while( you want edit acl) 1. Stop server 2. Edit ACL 3. Start server again @UP: 0.5 sec
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