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  1. This is a short video on the issue I made showing off the way it changes when the cars are streamed in once again. This is on version 1.3.1 4605.
  2. Not to worry, thanks for the current assistance.
  3. I did so with my post before my last one. 4606 still has the same problem. I also have some friends who reported just this issue, directed them to a lower build 3940 and it fixed it for them as well, seems like something with one of the updates around or above 4010.
  4. From what I can gather when I get up to around 4055 I get compiler errors when I join a server, then further up they seem to crash, though when I get to 4136 it seems to have returned back to having most of the cars darkened again. The most reliable ones I found were before rc-4010. With that I have temporarily revered back to 3940 and going to stick with that for now as it seems to be the solution, though it means I have to suffer the lengthy connect times, and I suppose I need to upgrade soon enough.
  5. http://puu.sh/11xCa That is on Multi Theft Auto v1.4-unstable-4606, problems are still there some of the cars are all dark still. Working on closin in the version now.
  6. 404ing right now, I will try it soon. Seemed to narrow it down between these two versions so far, I'm trying smaller increments now and post back with the results. mtasa-1.3-rc-3974-20120408 mtasa-1.3-rc-4136-20120521
  7. I reverted back to this version: Multi Theft Auto v1.3-release-3916 This one works as intended, the vehicles are not darkened anymore, however the issues is I cannot upgrade to 1.3.1, and chances are it may become a requirement soon enough. I'd also like to ask prior to doing so what you think the Chipset, Ethernet and Storage drivers are going to do to fix this, as I don't think they'll do anything at all to it (as it's fixed in a previous version of MTA for a start) and I have a rather delicate balance with drivers due to the volume of different programs I run. Cheers
  8. The one it asked me to go to? Yeah, it does. I'm on the nightly build it gave me and it's the same thing.
  9. http://pastebin.com/AU31yyLL The update it got me even was a bit of a reverse, but I tried it and same results.
  10. Update: Seems to be doing this on unmodified cars too.
  11. I'll start with a picture: http://puu.sh/11w03 http://puu.sh/11wGs For awhile up to a certain point I was keeping up with regular updates, then recently the nightly builds started giving me this error, so I stopped. With 1.3.1 out I upgraded to it and now it's back, I can't really stick on 1.3 with this update now so I need to work out if this can get addressed. Basically random cars just appear to be darkened, re streaming them by re logging or just moving far away and back seems to fix some and then break others, or just not do much at all, but usually there's always a car just in this
  12. Enko

    Sound drops

  13. Enko

    Sound drops

    Hi, I've been having this issue for awhile now, and it happened after I changed some of my sound drivers. Changing them around doesn't seem to work anymore and I wonder if it's a setting I changed long ago and the drivers reset it, basically I looked around on the forums for this and I can't seem to find anything that works for me, so I need to actually get help for this situation on it's own. It might not be something specific for MTA, however I haven't got this in Singleplayer, if that's because I never played enough or it just doesn't work i'm not sure. The problem is that after awhile,
  14. Hi, Well the thread title says it in a way I can best describe, I've seen this issue around for awhile and I never looked too deeply into it just assuming it was because of my game modifications not handling it or so, but after inspecting it I haven't really seen as to why. The original size of the GTA 3 Image. 896 MB (940,064,768 bytes) My current one. 913 MB (957,829,120 bytes) I even had a couple friends check theirs; 993 MB (1,041,496,064 bytes) 964 MB (1 010 944 000 byte) I'm use the 913mb gta3.img file, and i've used so for quite a while now only for it to go slightly up or down
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