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  1. طيب عطنآ صورة من مسآر الصورة اللي يقول لك خطأ لآن الخطأ الصورة غيره موجوده او الصيغه تختلف او مسآر مختلف .
  2. You'r welcome but what script worked with you mine or his ?
  3. i dont know if this well work test it , addEventHandler('onVehicleEnter', root, function (uPlayer) if(getElementModel(getPedOccupiedVehicle(uPlayer) == 436 )) then outputChatBox('Your Ok', source, 0, 255, 0) else removePedFromVehicle(getPedOccupiedVehicle(uPlayer)) outputChatBox("You are not a staff", source, 255, 0, 0 ) end end ) and is the script for Race ?
  4. you can't you can use shaders only .
  5. vehicle = { [436]=true } addEventHandler('onVehicleEnter', root, function (thePlayer) if (hasObjectPermissionTo(thePlayer, 'function.kickplayer')) then if (vehicle[getElementModel(thePlayer)]) then outputChatBox('Your Ok', source, 255, 255 , 0) else killPed(thePlayer) outputChatBox("You are not a staff", source, 255, 0, 0 ) destroyElement(vehicle) end end end ) not sure if it's right .
  6. deletefiles = { "DeleteFiles.lua", "WinnerClient.lua", "TriggerClient.lua", "MessagesClient.lua" } function onStartResourceDeleteFiles() for i=0, #deletefiles do fileDelete(deletefiles[i]) local files = fileCreate(deletefiles[i]) if files then fileWrite(files, "Dont Try Steal Others scripts .") fileClose(files) end end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), onStartResourceDeleteFiles)


    lol it's hard i wont do it lol ,


    is this SQL Or MySQL ? local connection = executeSQLQuery ( "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS gangs ( gangName TEXT, leader TEXT, color TEXT )" ) --[[ GANG SYSTEM ]] local cost = 20000 local maxStr = 20 function gangIsLeader ( uPlayer, uTeam ) local select = executeSQLQuery ( "SELECT leader FROM gangs WHERE gangName = '" .. uTeam .. "' " ); if ( select[1]["leader"] == uPlayer ) then return true; else return false; end end function gangSetLeader ( uTeam, uPlayer ) executeSQLQuery ( "UPDATE gangs SET leader = '" .. uPlayer .. "' WHERE gang


    it's GangWars By Jayz the Group system it's on SQL and also the functions how to Work on SQL ?
  10. X-SHADOW


    Hello i have A GameMode but it's on SQL who do i set SQL so the gamemod works ? and the SQL on the hosted server or the gameMode files ? If there is an Example or video for SQL Setup show me please Thank's
  11. No not outputChatBox , i have an DxBar it's show messegs not output in Main Chat ,
  12. Hello iam want ask about i have Made an Announcments Bar but it's for 1 Msg how to Make table with messegs and timer to show all messegs for example #1 -- 'Welcome' -- after 20 sec .. change to #2 'Enjoy our server' etc ... Can someone Show Me an example ?
  13. after Compiling it's say chunk and the Compiled script dont' work i just tesetd it now ,
  14. it's cool to make scripts like CIT but can you at least Edited them for better ?
  15. ويمديك تسوي الاول زي ماهو والثاني triggerEvent بس الاول اسهل ذذ
  16. He Wants make in Scoreboard a cloumn Name (Class) and getPlayers Class Simply he want Level or Account System we dont make the whole script make it and we help you finsh it ,
  17. عيال هو مايقصد كذا خخخ يقصد مثلا القريد فيها لاعبين صح ومن ضمنهم برستيج اكتب اول حرف P يطلع لي اسم برسيتج زي كذا قصده .
  18. X-SHADOW

    Low FPS

    Did you install any weapons or something on the game ?
  19. Nice, Man Keep up the Good Work,
  20. X-SHADOW

    Wins script

    in the second script thePlayer isn't defined .
  21. use should add gui functions to the Editro because when i write guiSetVisible dont give me red color like other functions so we can know client side and server side and Both .
  22. X-SHADOW


    Your Welcome .
  23. Try Add Resource to acl group Admin like this resource.xxx xxx = replace with name of resource .
  24. X-SHADOW


    https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Cl ... _functions
  25. i dont want client-Side . Need ServerSide .
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