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  1. yanvr

    call resource

    I'm trying this and not works addEventHandler ( 'onClientGUIClick', root, function ( ) if ( source == Mn1 ) then call ( getResourceFromName ( 'login' ), 'guiSetVisible(LoginWin, true)' ); end end ) This is the login resource. when the login resource start the login gui is invisible. I want to setvisible the login gui with a button. login client: x,y = guiGetScreenSize() LoginWin = guiCreateWindow(x/2 - 150,y/2 - 110,300,220,"[Crows] Login",false) TabPanel = guiCreateTabPanel(17,30,261,152,false,LoginWin) TabLogin = guiCreateTab("E
  2. yanvr

    call resource

    hi I'm doing this test gametype but I need to explain me how to make start another panel from other resource with a button still do not understand some things (enough) I try this but does not work fadeCamera(true, 6, 0, 0, 0) setCameraMatrix(-1545.4565429688,1018.2725830078,25.7421875, -1545.9423828125, 1014.6403198242, 26.99153137207) setCameraMatrix(2032.2386474609,1317.4577636719,10.8203125, 2032.2386474609, 1316.4416503906, 10.8203125) Menu = guiCreateWindow(100, 300, 300, 200, "Welcome", false ) Mn1 = guiCreateButton(25,20,250,30,"Enter",false,Menu) Mn2 = guiCreateButton(25,55
  3. utf is only binary? i want to encode client-side like this: setTimer ˆó@ ð? You Dont Have $ To Buy Speed ! Speed !! Speed is Disabled sBelts price.sbelt sBelEL sbeltEL asB You Bought Suicide Belt By & You Will Be Exploded After 10 Seconds sw sh guiGetScreenSize countBelt @ sbelttext addEventHandler onClientRender @@ &@ $ To Buy Suicide Belt ! You Already Have Suicide Belt! Suicide Belt is Disabled bBlibs price.blib blibEL blibELM You Bought Players Icons By * You Will Hav
  4. how encode the client-side resources?
  5. yanvr


    GUIEditor_Window = {} GUIEditor_TabPanel = {} GUIEditor_Tab = {} GUIEditor_Button = {} GUIEditor_Label = {} GUIEditor_Grid = {} GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(227,186,309,254,"test",false) GUIEditor_TabPanel[1] = guiCreateTabPanel(0.0291,0.1063,0.9385,0.8583,true,GUIEditor_Window[1]) GUIEditor_Tab[1] = guiCreateTab("Information",GUIEditor_TabPanel[1]) GUIEditor_Label[1] = guiCreateLabel(0.0724,0.1031,0.5138,0.1443,"stats:",true,GUIEditor_Tab[1]) GUIEditor_Label[2] = guiCreateLabel(0.069,0.3299,0.4448,0.2268,"skill:",true,GUIEditor_Tab[1]) GUIEditor_Label[3] = guiCreateLabe
  6. yanvr


    hi i have problem with this bind: bindKey("o", "down", function () guiSetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1], not guiGetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1] ) ) showCursor ( guiGetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1] ) ) guiSetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[2], not guiGetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[2] ) ) showCursor ( guiGetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[2] ) ) end ) The gui is not open. It's my first time using guieditor. someone could help me? try commenting on the previous post but it was closed I did not want to steal resources just download community resources and modify for my server
  7. where to download qt to lua editor? the link dont works
  8. yanvr


    hello I need to teach me a little with the dxscoreboards i'm working with a experience system labels and i want to add some columns in the DXSCOREBOARD: experience and level. The problem is that the exp resource works when player when a player dies. I can't work with zombies. Can anybody help? Serverside Clientside
  9. yanvr


  10. yanvr


    hello i have created a script whit a marker colour.. when a player enters the hidden marker wins. that's OK. Now need help: I can only create this in the outputChatBox: =the new winner $60000= How to add a playernick winner in the chatbox text? example: =YANVAR is the new winner $60000= the codes: local message = "#FFFF00is the new winner $60000" local outPutMsg = outputChatBox(message, getRootElement(), red, green, blue, useHTMLcolors) can anyone help me please? sorry for my bad english
  11. Yes he did me a disservice and thank solid for the help again! But i like to learn, and i dedicate to find what was the difference in your script and the real.
  12. Hello i have a problem whit that resource: http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=3554 Look: if u click in any part of the principal window this will close and buy all the weapons and bullets Can anybody help me with that bug?
  13. yanvr

    chat colour

    It works! thanks for help men
  14. yanvr

    chat colour

    Hello i want know how to make the chat red colour
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