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  1. Hello there. Though I've said that my channel is going to be fully closed, I'm still up for recording maps for my mates or guys who have already been my requestors. Somehow I miss these recorder's boring days, on another side, I achieve something new for myself in recording and editing. More than two months without editing, so painful I'd like to present you @ReazZon 's new volume called Tropea 2. This is a sequel of first Tropeamap, which was his 8th volume. It has a decent track with possible cuts, so it could be a good map for WFF or just belongs to WFF style. Decorations are fabulous and still fits the style of first Tropea. Overall I can say that ReazZon did a great job and I hope he will improve himself a lot as a mapper! But the progress is already perceptible. About the video, first of all, I would like to apologize for few fails (TV part and last 20 secs song part). Somehow After Effects got buggy for me, it also couldn't create a solid 3D tracking for a clip. Hopefully, these bugs will be fixed until the next video from me will be released. I couldn't re-render it again and fix everything because a requestor was already waiting a lot, so bothering him about waiting a bit more would be immature from my side. Anyways I hope that you will like it, same as I did! I promised myself to reach 1000 subscribers till the end of this year c: P.S. I'd like to thank @LamzoR for helping me in recording a scene with a gray hoodie guy! It was a pleasure to work with you, thank you a lot! Budya bro. ReazZon v10 - Tropea 2 Subscribe via this link - https://goo.gl/U0SxTh Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  2. Hey guys. I'm back with another video, which took me a lot due to lack of time and inability to work with my PC. Yeah, I have finally finished it and ready to present you. I'd like also to mention that I will reduce my recording queue and start making videos only for my mates and teammates. So let's move on. This video took me a few weeks, to be honest. But the lack of time just destroyed everything. First of all I'd like to say sorry to Mower who waited so long and was really patient as hell. I hope that video worth it! I've tried to give this video a bit of it's own Star Wars theme but with a note of own edit style. I hope that you will like this video and it's edit and I will see a lot of positive feedback! I'd like to give a thanks for the actors who took a part in this video. These guys are Techo & DRiveR . Thank you for helping me with making these clips and scenes. About the map. I can clearly say that it's the best map which was based on something with universe, star wars, star ships and so on. It's amazingly decorated map! I liked the style, the weather, song, scripts, track, just everything. This is a great replacement of first Star Wars map. Sequel got the best result and decorations for it's theme. These two guys spent a long time and did a hard work on this map. It trully deserves 100 likes and more than 3000 of views instantly. Track is not even buggy and well done, decorations are just perfect. Nothing more to say. Didn't expect than Cookie can map good, hue. Mower is also wanted me to mention such guys as Mirage , iRaven and gr0x for helping him with scripts and else stuff. Thanks goes to Anti-Z ,Winside and NitroN too. So here we are guys. Leave a like and subscribe! Hope you will like our Mower ft Cookie - Star Wars II Subscribe via this link - https://goo.gl/U0SxTh Sincerely, REFLEXTV
  3. New World - GTA V Cunning Stunts DLC Hey guys. Today, I'd like to show you something you have never seen before. Mostly..you have never seen it in MTA SA Community. An old ukrainian mapper BuDyA, who's my mate, decided to create something new in collaboration with me. He has created his first volume. But in GTA V! He has moved himself on a new level. Since there's a new update of GTA V, called Cunning Stunts, a lot of people said like it's a new MTA SA, but in Grand Theft Auto Five. I'd agree with this, because BuDyA confirmed this fact to all of us! I guess there will be more new maps from him, which I'll record for you. Didn't expect that my PC can handle recording of GTA V. By the way, I've used a few cuts, cause this GTA V handling is kinda new for me and I had a lot of fails. Leave a like and subscribe for new videos! Enjoy! If you want to play this map by your own, check this link and get it for yourself - http://rsg.ms/faccf6e!
  4. I know how to use MySQL DB but I don't get how does it work @ all.
  5. Hello boys and girls. I'd like to ask you about such question: I want to make my accounts from forum which is bades on IPS 4 connect with MTA Server so i could log-in with my forum account on server. How's that possible?
  6. Alive 'till I Die III Hello boys and girls. Today I want to present you a new map which was created by JohnY and ZeeT. This is the 3rd part of "Alive 'till I Die" serie from JohnY. He decided to make this map with his friend ZeeT. Map has skilled track, which is really hard to pass from the first try. I've tried hard, but I did it, cause I am pra. So, I hope you wil like this map and this video. If you do, please subscribe and leave a like. It's important for me! p.s. don't hate JohnY, he's good boy Enjoy! JohnY ft. ZeeT - Alive 'till I Die III Spoiler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song is called : Voldex - This Is OldSchool Song was taken only for video and only for fun. Nothing private. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits goes to:: Lights mod by NitroN Infernus : Micra's mod Ultrathing 0.28 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social networks: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RTVMTA Instagram - http://instagram.com/just_hust Twitter - https://twitter.com/ReflexWebDesign Skype : memosh1997 Subscribe by this link - http://bit.ly/WpfPuq Sincerely, REFLEXTV.
  7. Nah. I dont need to delete description in every map. I need script in-server which will delete it from every map,which will start.
  8. Hello guys. I have a problem. I need to disable description which is using in map. For example everytime when map starts,there is no description,no chat messages what was in map folder and else. What I need to use for it? Example :
  9. You used name..but not account...
  10. Sorry,but I'm a little bit dont understand how to use it. I want to make a list. For example : Reflex -black BlueBerry - green DiablO - purple and else.
  11. Hey you guys. I would like to ask..for example..I want to make a script..which can create own color for each account. For example my account on server is : Reflex# and I want to have a black color of car. for Race server. And each map I'll play with black color of car. How to do it?
  12. addEventHandler ( 'onGamemodeMapStart', root, function ( uMapStart ) setGameType ( getResourceInfo( uMapStart, 'name' ) ) end ) Try to use search next time May be I dont understood you..
  13. Hey people. Today I want to present you new map from new mapper Heav. ● He is the new mapper and his map is near 2 weeks old. I think it's not to bad..it's good. My rate is 7/10. ● Song name : Jake Miller - A Million Lives ● Infernus mod by Micra. Download : http://bit.ly/Ui5aTG ● Don't forget to subscribe! http://bit.ly/WpfPuq ● If you want that I record your map,don't be lazy and add me in skype : memosh1997
  14. you mean change on %1,%2 and etc?
  15. I put it in the end of toptimes_client.lua and debugscript 3 showed me : @ 784 : bad argument #5 to 'format' (string expected,got nil)
  16. I must to change code 1 on code 2? Or just put code 2 after code 1?
  17. I have a question.. How to add date of toptime to toptimes(F5) script?
  18. Delta# your script don't work.. debugscript show : WARNING : Loading script failed : radio_new\stream.lua :58: unexpected symbol near ':' stream.lua : local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize () function dxDrawColorText(str, ax, ay, bx, by, color, scale, font, left, top, clip, wordbreak, postGUI) -- Reason for this is for using more than 1 color instead of using two dxDrawText Functions local pat = "(.-)#(%x%x%x%x%x%x)" local s, e, cap, col = str:find(pat, 1) local last = 1 while s do if cap == "" and col then color = tocolor( tonumber( "0x"..col:sub( 1, 2 ) ), tonumber( "0x"..col:sub( 3, 4 ) ), tonumber( "0x"..col:sub( 5, 6 ) ), 255 ) end if s ~= 1 or cap ~= "" then local w = dxGetTextWidth(cap, scale, font) dxDrawText( cap, ax, ay, ax + w, by, color, scale, font ) ax = ax + w color = tocolor( tonumber( "0x"..col:sub( 1, 2 ) ), tonumber( "0x"..col:sub( 3, 4 ) ), tonumber( "0x"..col:sub( 5, 6 ) ), 255 ) end last = e + 1 s, e, cap, col = str:find( pat, last ) end if last <= #str then cap = str:sub( last ) local w = dxGetTextWidth( cap, scale, font ) dxDrawText( cap, ax, ay, ax + w, by, color, scale, font, left, top, clip, wordbreak, postGUI ) end end function startMusic() outputChatBox ("#ff5b03[RADIO] #ffffffPress #ff5b03'R' #ffffffto Listen To The Radio", 255,137,0, true ) setRadioChannel(0) song = playSound ("http://www.181.fm/winamp.pls?station=181-power&style=mp3&description=Power%20181%20(Top%2040)&file=181-power.pls", true) setSoundVolume(song,0) end function makeRadioStayOff() setRadioChannel(0) cancelEvent() end function toggleSong() if not songOff then setSoundVolume(song,1) songOff = true removeEventHandler("onClientPlayerRadioSwitch",getRootElement(),makeRadioStayOff) function renderPlayerJoined ( ) dxDrawColorText(listening,sx/4, sy/23,sx,sy,tocolor(255,255,255),1.3,"sans","center","top",true,true,false) end listening = "#ff5b03[RADIO] #ffffffYou are currently #ff5b03listening #ffffffto the radio" addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, renderPlayerJoined ) setTimer ( function ( ) removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, renderPlayerJoined ) end ,3000,1 ) if ( renderPlayerJoined ) then removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, :~ ) end else setSoundVolume(song,0) songOff = false setRadioChannel(0) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerRadioSwitch",getRootElement(),makeRadioStayOff) function :~ ( ) dxDrawColorText(notlistening,sx/4, sy/23,sx,sy,tocolor(255,255,255),1.3,"sans","center","top",true,true,false) end notlistening = "#ff5b03[RADIO] #ffffffYou are currently #ff5b03not listening #ffffffto the radio" addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, :~ ) setTimer ( function ( ) removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, :~ ) end ,3000,1 ) if ( :~ ) then removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, renderPlayerJoined ) end end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),startMusic) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerRadioSwitch",getRootElement(),makeRadioStayOff) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerVehicleEnter",getRootElement(),makeRadioStayOff) bindKey("r","down",toggleSong) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStop",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),startMusic)
  19. Hehe..I saw this script. Thanks you. You helped me so much :3
  20. In the previous topic,I maked a radio script and solidesnake helped me to make it. Now I had 1 more question : How I can make Radio off when player join? Player join and if he want,he ON radio with bind button. In my script,when player joined,radio script starting and player must press R to off it. local musicStream = "http://www.181.fm/winamp.pls?station=181-power&style=mp3&description=Power%20181%20(Top%2040)&file=181-power.pls" function onResourceStart ( ) sound = playSound ( musicStream, true ) end function makeRadioStayOff ( ) setRadioChannel ( 0 ) cancelEvent ( ) end function toggleSong ( ) removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, renderText ) if ( isTimer ( hideTimer ) ) then killTimer ( hideTimer ) end if not songOff then setSoundVolume ( sound, 0 ) songOff = true removeEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerRadioSwitch", root, makeRadioStayOff ) addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, renderText ) hideTimer = setTimer ( function ( ) removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, renderText ) end ,2000, 1 ) else setSoundVolume ( sound, 1 ) songOff = false setRadioChannel ( 0 ) addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerRadioSwitch", root, makeRadioStayOff ) addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, renderText ) hideTimer = setTimer ( function ( ) removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, renderText ) end ,2000, 1 ) end end function renderText ( ) dxDrawText ( "[RADIO] Radio is switched ".. ( songOff and "off" or "on" ), 230, 100, 400, 300, tocolor ( 255, 91, 3, 255 ), 2, "default-bold" ) end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, onResourceStart ) addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerRadioSwitch", root, makeRadioStayOff ) addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerVehicleEnter", root, makeRadioStayOff ) bindKey ( "R", "down", toggleSong )
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