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  1. PrimoXD

    Resolution problems

    This solved the problem, thanks! Now how do I disable this message everytime I run MTA?:
  2. PrimoXD

    Resolution problems

    Uh, thanks, but I will need some more information on how to "install" this. Could you give me the instructions?
  3. PrimoXD

    Resolution problems

    Hello. I started playing MTA SA again after a long pause, so I Installed the original GTA SA 1.01 and I could set the resolution all up to 1600 x 900, which is the max my screen allows. But after I installed MTA SA and the 1.00 patch, the resolution in the GTA SA won't go any higher than 1440 x 900 and that really bothers me because in MTA SA I am able to select 1600 x 900 but then the resolution in the GTA SA goes back to default (800 x 600 I believe), which also results in MTA SA to go back to the default resolution if I run GTA SA. So my question is how can I enable 1600 x 900 in GTA SA 1.
  4. Great job MTA team, but I have a question. Where and when will we be able to fix the mistakes that were made when translating? Thank you for answer.
  5. PrimoXD

    Weather bug??

    This is when I saw your post: http://pastebin.mtasa.com/751174854 And this is after I installed all the drivers you told me to (except AMD): http://pastebin.mtasa.com/193225400 I saw on the message that AMD doesn't want to install cuz PC is using intel graphic right now. What if I disable intel graphic and then PC would have no choice but to run on AMD graphic, so maybe i can install it this way. And also, after I installed touchpad driver, the button to turn off the touchpad on the touchpad is not working anymore.
  6. PrimoXD

    Weather bug??

    When I try to instal AMD graphic driver, I get this message: and after I installed intel graphic driver it says in Device manager that AMD graphic is not working properly
  7. PrimoXD

    Weather bug??

    Ok, I managed to install the graphic driver, but are you sure these drivers are the right one? Sorry for being annoying, i don't want to screw up my pc. And by support assistant I mean HP Support Assistant program, it says that there is no updates for my drivers and I tought u could screw up the assistant by installing drivers maunally.
  8. PrimoXD

    Weather bug??

    I checked with support assistant and it says all drivers are up to date, except the graphics one, it just "refuses" to be installed. I tried maunally and it did the same
  9. PrimoXD

    Weather bug??

    Hello I was playing on |Tegra|Freeroam/Drift/Stunt/Fun/RealCars­| ( for about 6 months and when I joined the server about a month ago, the weather/sky was blue foggy, it was really annoying to play. I tought that was a server problem but other players and owner claimed that they can see everything normal. He reseted all the settings and it still did not work. So I reinstalled the MTA and after all the resources were downloaded, the same thing happened again. I tried with MTAdiag but it did not work either (http://pastebin.mtasa.com/141794107). Screenshot: There wasn't
  10. Hello This problem is happening since I installed MTA 1.3. The thing is that the keys on my keyboard change position (for example: if I press key Y it writes down Z, if I press key Z it writes down Y and if I want to type : it writes down > and so on...) . This happens randomly, after I enter the server (after 10 minutes, an hour and sometimes it just never happens). I was asking about this on diffirent servers and they mostly said my keyboard connector is busted (im using a laptop), but I don't think this can be possible because this only happens on MTA and nowhere else (except for some g
  11. It looks amazing, but can we still fix the mistakes? Cause I found some mistakes in slovenian MTA
  12. I checked all the translations again and fixed some of them, so now I can really say Slovenian language: 100% translated Thanks to Bine, DrEspy, Talidan, ZanSlovenia and everyone else, who helped
  13. Slovene is now 100% translated, mostly by me There is some mistakes, the reason was mentioned in my previous post.
  14. This is a great idea! Translating MTA into many other languages. I am translating to slovene and I find this really difficult, because alot of english words such as client, installer, debug,... do not exist in slovene language, also my english is not really good. As someone mentioned before, there should be a beta version so we can see, where we made mistakes.
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