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    team play

    its possible, but ur gonna hav to wait!
  2. Mmmm I would choose mta over my ♀girlfrend ♀ hopefully she will never read this post coz chic season duznt open for another few months eerrrr wot am i sayin! silly silly sugar made me do it mmmm MTA is the S)-( ! T It ЯULEZ MY COMPUTER..... IT 0wnz j00 me (thats not sposed to make sense) sorry bout this hyperactive post ENJOY IT.
  3. well the servers fine, i downloaded it and all i hav is 4 seconds of sum1 mocin round a car!
  4. The sony-rockstar contract is over. Although im not sure if they've renewed it, but last i read it was gone
  5. Yeah that bug is a cool 1... ps. TuX is cool! bring on the TuXes! altho it is very confusing with 2 of him that look nearly the same
  6. 9.86193% - Geekish Tendencies
  7. Out of all the stunt videos I've ever watched, this one has been the most entertaining, if u haven't downloaded this u absolutely MUST!
  8. My problem with this is, I saved the replay in game so i could do the fraps thing later but when i play it back it only captured about erm 5 seconds ?... and it was a real nice long string of 15 motorbike stunts together so this is really disappointing coz it took me ages to pull them all of smoothly without crashing, is there a way to record more than a few seconds with the in game replay save?
  9. What is this rubbish? this is exactly wot i was talking about when i posted the topic on banning them, i think the freddy guy may not have crossed the line yet and should get a second chance but this person should be straight outta here
  10. Kevin I believe the question was answered "i believe that if you are not directly shot or run over by someone it takes the closest person to you as the person that killed you, though you can get a 'killed himself' msg if you die with your own grenades etc" this topic should be closed.
  11. Look in the topics i sed and you will see, i think there might be others but they are the ones i have noticed [edit]look what kind of crap he says: "man i wish i could get that new version and the patch where did u guys get it can u put a link on here so i can get the best version yet!!!" that was in a topic where someone asked about adding another helicopter and then there was a few posts about playing on modems and he said that[/edit]
  12. I have noticed that Totenkopf and freddy187 are spammers and they talk shit, if u havent look in the topic "not accurate" and "Maybe a Silly request........ but i was wondering????" and you will probably agree, i wouldnt be surprised if these 2 are the same person or are a copule of 11 year olds having a huge laugh about their nonsence posting.
  13. Are u 2 bum buddies, i think u should be banned from the forums.... advertising a hacked version of mta that will spoil the game for us fair users as trainers do. and dont request it, they can take their time, they arent making this because they have to u know.
  14. and? its an early version fool don't expect it to be perfect it duz this often with being killed even
  15. -hmm.. storm the base, I posted on the muliplycity thread about having a fort and attacking it while one gang defends, well why not have the mansion fortified by about 8? and another 8 storm it and have to reach a location in it or maybe assasinate a king pin guy or sumthin -a Brawl game, like team deathmatch but all melee weapons. -Another might be chicken, wait u can do this without a game mode -maybe one where somebody drives a truck or the armored vehicle and he has to reach a secure location while a gang tries to jack it without destroying it -bad guy 3 cops(actual players) chasing him -an infiltration one, in the mansion, or the army base and one guy has to sneak his way in without getting killed of course he wouldnt be on the radar so this would be a kind of splinter cell/metal gear solid style, it would be set in the dark and he would be wearing black and the other teams objective would be to eliminate him -tank wars, fight with tanks
  16. dammit thats a very distracting avatar ... oh and funny sig, but yeah dream on guys, roleplaying in that scale in gta is not gunna be possible for a long while i think... but if there was a way to record in game kills, money and bought property i have to admit that would be good... now im dreaming of a huge roleplaying vice city, hiring real people as body guards, people importing drugs and being hijacked by my very own crew... damn! but yeah mta vc how its gonna be is exactly how i imagined gta1 all those years ago when a frend was explaining it to me, i was for sum stupid reason imagining a 3rd person game running around online CANT WAIT FOR NEXT VERSION!!!
  17. Hahaha! kewlness, wots it remind u of? personally i think popcorn or a volcano, very kewl
  18. I use 2K, i might be mistaken but isnt XP just a more user friendly, easy to use, tutorial this, sexy graphical interface here, version of 2000? i know for sure theyre both built on NT though
  19. ahhhh so that's y sum people seem invincible... damn rejects they are ! and no, if u adapt that pretty much means cheat as well and that would just make it worse ann0yanc3, the client should just close or disconnect if there is a trainer running during gameplay
  20. Thankyou so much! now when our 8:00 Friday virus scanning finishes, me and mi mate are gunna play us sum multi gta2! thx heaps
  21. ok, gta2, are you using a crack? because if so you need to download a fixed crack for win2k and xp, try megagames. If you really cant find one and you think this is your problem then just messenger me on msn (utkdemonic@hotmail.com). With internet gta2 I have the same problem as Marcelwalus, I don't know what port the game uses, so I can't set my router up to forward that port to my computer - This is a real bummer because me and a few friends have just started working on a conversion of gta2 called gta: adelaide (the city we live in) and we'd love to test it out over the internet. As for lan gta2 is a always hit at lans, even with all the big sweet games like bf 1942 desert combat, ut2k3, raven shield and we still give mta a run every now and then
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