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  1. I know nothing about lua..
  2. Damn, I really hope that god will send someone here who will finish this one! ^^
  3. Well, then seems that all I can do is hope.
  4. Well I'm here to ask anyone who can make this idea become real, because I know that here are alot of talanted scripters but sometimes they're out of ideas. So I hope that someone can work on this. Hope it's not hard.
  5. Will that feature be client-side? Just woundering..
  6. Read the first post in the gaven topic too, please. ^^
  7. Hello smart people! I would appreciate if you could help me out.. So here's my thing. viewtopic.php?p=418264#p418264 Can someone help me according to this topic / post? Or maybe there's such thing created already (couldn't find it though) the you can just lead me to such topic? Thanks!
  8. But dont know how to script at all.. Maybe someone can help me at this?
  9. I'll make this one really short: Make it possible to import custom fonts @ interface for chat box. Because for example I want Verdana Bold, but there's only Verdana. And the given bold one (Tahoma Bold) has the same look for "l" and "I", so it's sometime bothering and also fakers may screw up things with that.. Maybe someone has any clue how to do that already?
  10. Oh so what you want to say is that it's a default voice chat feature now @ 1.3 version?
  11. Oh lol I didn't notice that nickname there. How exactly you get that?
  12. No no, I mean like showing the voice chatters nickname in somewhere on the screen if even he is not near you and show it for everyone. Like in this game. See, the player "Moe" is voice chatting and his nickname can be seen by everyone or his team. Hope you understand my point..
  13. No, I'm pretty sure there is no such option at this moment..
  14. Yes, you got me right! Hmm, can you give me a direct link to one if there is any?
  15. So here's my idea. What about such thing like when someone is voice chatting, then his nickname would be seen in everyones screen, like for example in the right upper side. Why? Well here's the reason. It is hard to understand who's voice chatting like in DM maps. And for admins it is almost unreal to know who should he mute if someone is braking rules via voice chat or something.
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