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  1. Josh

    zombie spawnpoint?

    I tried using without any dimension and it worked, but as in my first post I need them to be in the second one. I tried dimension = "2" with no result. <Zombie_spawn id="Zombie_spawn (3)" posX="1869.6999511719" posY="-2426.1000976563" posZ="13.60000038147" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"></Zombie_spawn>
  2. Josh

    zombie spawnpoint?

    Yes but I will add more spawn points, once I got the 1st one working.
  3. Josh

    zombie spawnpoint?

    .. createZombie will create one zombie, I want several zombies to be spawned at one of the spawn points, it should work.
  4. Josh

    zombie spawnpoint?

    http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=347
  5. Hello, I got a question. I have created a spawn point like: <Zombie_spawn id="Zombie_spawn (1)" dimension="2" interior="0" posX="2243.9108886719" posY="90.34447479248" posZ="26.3359375" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="300.18414306641" /> but where should I place it, in the meta.xml or in a map file?
  6. Still got space left, I'm lowering the price to £7 each month (same with onebip) which is a insanely low price for a server with 1024 slots and 5gb hdd usage. Also, I installed a game panel meaning you'll be able to restart/start/stop your server, does also come with a in build file manager (FTP) and being able to change the config on spot. There's also the opportunity to try out the server for 1 full day before making up your mind, just contact me and I'll gladly set-up the server for you. Just PM / email me or add me on MSN if you're interested. So, grab them while you can!
  7. File was too big to post here or on pastebin, uploaded to megaupload. link: http://www.mediafire.com/?qmnncasn5rdc51x
  8. I do constantly tap, I swim slower then others even if I don't and swim "normal", I'll try the sirens on single player and edit this post, if you want I can show a video of me swimming next to another player for you to compare, it's quite obvious. What I find weird is that it's there even if I re-formate my whole windows, so it has to be something with my setup?
  9. Hello, I seem o have two problems. I can't use the police siren, doesn't matter how many times I honk it, which server, heck I've even re-formated my PC, tried with another GTA SA. Same goes for the unusual slow swimming, I swim really slow, even if I'm tapping and holding down space. Any suggestions?
  10. I know, that's why I recently bought a new RAM on 8GB, forgot to update tho.
  11. Hello. I'm offering hosting for your community or just a server. To enter my website and to find more information please go to:
  12. I know, but so are CIT, and he wants the gate to open for his group members only.
  13. My misstake. I just tried local allowedGroups = { ["THE_KING"]=true } col1 = createColSphere (2838.8000488281, -1653.3000488281, 10.800000190735, 10 ) gate1 = createObject (971, 2846.6999511719,-1657.1999511719,13.300000190735,0,359.5,76) function openGate1 ( player ) if ( allowedGroups [ getElementData ( player, "Group" ) ] ) then moveObject (gate1, 3000,2846.6999511719,-1657.1999511719,3.5999999046326 ) end end addEventHandler("onColShapeHit", col1, openGate1) function closeGate1() moveObject(gate1, 3000,2846.6999511719,-1657.1999511719,13.300000190735) end addEventH
  14. Funny, because this is the way the Government/FBI/SAPD scripted their gates/markers..
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