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    problem mapmenager

    well me and couple of guys where playing a map on our server ... like always suddenly the map finished we starded votemenager voted for map but the map didn't start ... just the title saying it did well i restarded the race ressource but nothing happened , well i used debug script and give me this error : ........mapmenager_main.lua:380 acces denied at @'start ressource' and it changes to a random map like every 5 sec ... help asap and ty edit : i don't really think it from the votemenager , cause the map just got stuck after a guy bought a map. even tho help me !
  2. MOTHER OF GOD. thank you so much love those skillzor maps.
  3. Pwned

    [REL] wMeme 1.1

    there is alredy a meme ressource and it better than this. originality 0%
  4. Pwned

    KacaK's Maps

    you maps are purt art , im digging your mapping style btw, any chance to get your maps ? i'll apreciate that ( i don't trade maps )
  5. mta really need this , it will be the best thing ever. just like trackmania you can play at any fps you want whitout causing trouble
  6. well this is stupid but f*** it ... well i wanna make timepassed and runknum a g_GUI not a g_dxGUI. so i can modify it whit guieditor ( just like timepassed and speedbar ) hope u guys understand what im saying ... this what i tryed to do but didn't work. local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() g_dxGUI = { ranknum = dxText:create('1', screenWidth - 60, screenHeight - 95, false, 'bankgothic', 0, 'right'), ranksuffix = dxText:create('st', screenWidth - 40, screenHeight - 86, false, 'bankgothic', 0), checkpoint = dxText:c
  7. ok thx i'll try if it work . btw my guieditor is alredy on a folder edit : is it nessasary that the race ressource need to be in a folder too ?
  8. hmm i loaded race gamemode ... then i starded guieditor left click loadgui ( i clicked on timeleft.png witch is based on the actual racemode )i moved it and resize it same for the hp bar .. but after i save whit these command (/guioutput .. and guiprint ) i try to restart the race gamemode and everything i modified is gone. and on guieditor_output.txt i only see this line : -- Created: 18/09/2011 05:16 addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot, function() end )
  9. well this may seem stupid but whateva ... i modifyed the official race mode (gui , stuff others...) well everything is fine exept the gui's size/place so for that i used gui editor , i opened race gamemode left click on them and choosed size,place and stuff ... well after that i used all those commands /guiprint ... /guioutput and more other stuff just to make sure that they are saved so i restared the race gamemode and everything was gone ( rage moment ). i entered to the guieditor folder and notice this file gui_output.txd ( or somthing like that ) i open it and there was 1 unnecessar
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