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  1. Fenix1042

    Disabling /me

    Have a look at the onPlayerChat Event ( http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/OnPlayerChat). You can simply check the messageType is 1 (/me) and then cancel the event. P.S is this the Seif I think it is?
  2. I don't play at any server anymore. Working on a few patches for MTA itself, working in real life, etc.
  3. No event as such, just that the server and PHP-based website both share a database. As for the login, you login to an account, which stores things such as your username, password, email, etc. Then characters are in an alternative table with a field relating them to the account. Source: I'm the Ex-Valhalla Owner / Scripted most of VG, and the entire account system.
  4. MTA SA will work in a VM inside OS X, but not natively with the Mac GTASA version. To do this you will need: 1. Parallels for mac 2. A valid copy of Windows XP, Vista or Seven. 3. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Windows I have tried and tested this with MTA SA 1.0 using Parallels 4 shown below, It also supports full screen etc with full DirectX support. Good luck, give me a shout if you have any more questions / need help
  5. Great news, and my saturday prediction was correct. /me runs.
  6. Larger player count is better. Roleplayers wouldn't use it over vent, simply because roleplayers don't use voice-based local chat, they use voice chat for faction chat such as say LSPD radio.
  7. Released V2.0, original thread updated.
  8. Thanks alot Talidan! Working on an updated version now, and I'm glad to see my script influenced something within MTA itself
  9. Quick Reload V2.0.1 Changelog: - Bug fixes for certain weapons V2.0 Changelog: - Weapons no longer automatically reload at 0 ammo - Weapons without clips no longer require reloads(e.g: shotgun) - Reload will now fail/cancel if you fall while reloading Special Thanks: Talidan & MTA Team - for going to the trouble of adding the ammoInClip variable and continued work on MTA 50p - Advice, testing, ideas & general helpful guy Description Bug Reporting If you find a bug please report it below by replying. Download! Click Here! Enjoy!
  10. Changing the camera (press V) fixes this.
  11. onVehicleEnter, onVehicleExit and onResourceStart (looping all vehicles) i guess.
  12. Well, you could do the following (All of them): 1. Explodable tanks sets to true on resource start, looping through all vehicles 2. Explodable tanks sets to true on vehicle spawn command (if you have an admin vehicle spawn command) 3. Explodable tanks sets to true onVehicleRespawn event. This would cover all bases. - Fenix
  13. GUI functions are clientside - shown only to the local player. Server scripts and client scripts are seperate files, and the server/client part is signified by a different value in the XML file. The below links should help you understand everything you need to know: Scripting Introduction - Clientside and Serverside scripts Clientside Events Clientside Functions Good luck. - Fenix
  14. Post up the error please. Also killplayer should be killPlayer. And do you actually have a marker created?
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