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  1. I have a server on mta 1.1.2 to hosting 24 / 7 and I have this problem every day that someone I crash it. Is there a script or antycrash to stop it?
  2. I am sorry, but it still does not work this muteall ;/ /* ///////////////////////////////////// ////// MTASA:RACE ////// ////// Map Ownership ////// ////// BY: [uVA]Scooby ////// ///////////////////////////////////// Script to be used with PRS 1.3 (it wont work as it is without PRS!) this script pays $200 to the map owner every time the race starts, regardless if they are in the server. maps cost $250000 and can be sold for the same price. commands: !buymap - !sellmap - !owner - !mapsowned */ on *:SIGNAL:mta.connect: { set %mapprice 250000 set %
  3. Scooby could command me to do !Muteall, which mutates all who are on the server?
  4. PsE|GeForce: !betdice 4 100 * PM from Admin: Rolling the dice... * PM from Admin: You rolled a 4 PsE|GeForce, $0 added to your cash. Wtf Scooby why $0 ?
  5. Ok Thanks Very, and I could do this so that save top5 times and additional command ??
  6. and now give the example, instead of top3 !rank PsE|GeForce: rank 13 - 500 points?
  7. Mhh, it can be done if he rade eg top 10 with the possibility of more ? and that only the admin can view them?
  8. Overall, the entire server statistics, something like !Top3 points top3 but shows only 3 and I want more and that is why I want you to do this command rank. Now you understand me ?? because of weak English ;]
  9. I want simply to command Rank showed an overall summary of the points. You can something like this for me?
  10. ok thanks, and you could customize the script so that instead of rank noob, Rookie etc. to show the place?. Of the points of course. eg PSE | GeForce's rank: 1st
  11. Everything Nice, beautifully Thanks very much. Scooby and can do so in order to command! New can be used until 35 seconds after take-off the map?
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