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  1. Has someone updated this since the last version posted here?
  2. Hmm.. currently it seems like an issue with my drivers. Binding them works in source games, but not on MTA or minecraft. SA-MP crashes on start-up (maybe driver issue as well, not sure). EDIT: I re-installed my driver and everything is fine now, thanks for the help anyway! I appreciate it.
  3. Yes, when I press mouse button 4 or 5, nothing happens. All other buttons seem to work. If I use the console or /bind command, it sets it, but won't work. It's like MTA doesn't notice when I press the 2 buttons.
  4. My mouse4 and mouse5 buttons on my mouse stopped working in MTA after I switched to windows 8. They work fine on windows itself (return and forward in web browsers for example), but just won't get recognized by MTA. I use a Razer Diamondback 3G, on which Razer dropped support a long time ago, right after windows 7 was released, so there's no recent driver update for it either. Is there anything I can do until Christmas when I'm getting a new mouse (hopefully)? Note; I'm using the latest Nightly of MTA and the latest available mouse drivers.
  5. Correct. I thought it might be caused by the 2nd screen that I'm using, so I tried to launch it with only 1 display attached, no luck there either. It's more of a irritating thing than a real problem, as I can play the game without steam.
  6. Installed all but the CCC driver (it says I already have the latest) and not even the splash art shows up anymore. (Mostly @Xeforine) Using MTA inside steam as a non-steam game. This has nothing to do with the steam version of the game, but the incapability of steam hooking into MTA:SA for in-game layout etcetera. My MTA:SA runs just fine, just not as a steam shortcut. MTADiag: http://pastebin.com/8rrua1un
  7. So I decided to add a shortcut for MTA:SA in steam in order to use the in-game layout, only to find out that the game does not launch while starting through steam. After launching it from steam, the splash art shows normally and then nothing happens. Both Multi Theft Auto.exe *32 and gta_sa.exe *32 are running (task manager). Everything works fine when launching MTA normally (without steam). I tried resetting my gta_sa.set and removing the d3d9.dll, but it didn't change anything. MTADiag log: http://pastebin.com/kVj1U5Sg
  8. I have no idea why, but MTA recently (after a nightly update) stopped replacing textures properly, and instead shows just grey. Here's a picture explaining what I'm talking about: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/10221029/gta_s ... -34-49.png
  9. The name of the resource matches the folder name and meta.xml.
  10. Username and password are correct and the MTA server account has the same pass and user as the FTP used.
  11. I'm trying to use the MTA PHP API to establish a connection to get data from the MTA server. When call() (or callfunction()) is used, it throws HTTP error 401 (Access denied), and on the MTA server console, it says HTTP: 'mta' entered correct password from [iP] $mtaQ = new mta('', 22005, 'mta', [correct password here]); $resource = $mtaQ->getResource('CheckQuery'); // Exists and is running on the MTA server. $mtaInfo_str[] = $resource->call('getPlayerInfo'); // Is an exported server-side function within CheckQuery The script is on the same IP (and VPS) w
  12. afaik any lua number is signed, has double precision and long size. I doubt all vehicles have 0 as their distance from center of mass to base of model, it should print the decimals then. Nope. It outputs "[vehicle name] : 0".
  13. Everything else works fine, except that it doesn't print out decimals. Is there something like C++'s std::setprecision() in lua?
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