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  1. Dude, can you give me a tutorial? or any video on youtube
  2. its imposible too if my PC is on for 24 hours
  3. So how to let the server online when I shut down my pc?
  4. When i close MTA Server.exe, everyone cant join to my server
  5. its correct Edit: Thanks my friend now it works btw, are you good in scripting? Edit2: when I close MTAserver.exe, the connection is lost. how to make it stay online?
  6. But someone told me that to make on server list, it uses web router and make the UTC and UPD port
  7. I want to put my server on internet, not on local .
  8. Thanks all now I can open it God bless you
  9. Sorry im a beginner, please tell me how to load resource. Thx
  10. I created my own server and I tried to open admin panel(press p) and it doesnt work. please help me Thx
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