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  1. How do you change your model from one to another eg Mexican -> Lance? I've seen people do it but I can't figure it out.
  2. I have no idea what coding GTA is like but if I know games that haven't released their source code it's that no guns can be added or modified to an extent....
  3. Meh. This is the internet. (not flaming you or anything)
  4. Point the crosshair on the head of your victim.
  5. They probably changed it prior to release. If you want it I suggest making a request at a modding site or making it yourself.
  6. Good idea, but it isn't really necessary. Every 5 mins? o_O
  7. Sanchez' is teh 1337
  8. Tarsakh

    Vice City Glitches

    I've had a few bugs too. Once I drove into a taxi with a hotring racer and got stuck in the side. Sometimes when my game can't render some parts of the city fast enough I see cars stuck inside bridges pointing down. Once I smashed into a PCJ 600 and knocked the guy off. We both tried to get on the bike at the same time and melded into each other. Tricky stuff.
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