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  1. go to the console and type in "start race"
  2. MuStAfA

    Little help .

    do ur simple gta sa works? or not ?
  3. MuStAfA

    Help Please!

    i have a mysql login panel and i need help the website it works on is now deleted how to add my own website lua file:- server.connection = dbConnect( "mysql", "dbname=wtf;host=localhost", "root", "" ) if ( server.connection ) then outputDebugString("Connection to database successful") else outputDebugString("Connection to database failed") end plss help
  4. Hey, i have a sql login panel i need it to be work on my website the website on which it is already that website don't works so i need it to be work on my website. if you can help me pls give me ur skype. Thanks...
  5. Hi , i need help in a sql login panel i have it's sql file but don't know how to add my own website plss help me in it ! (if u can help me on skype give me ur skype )
  6. MuStAfA

    Auto B

    pls help me !! my race file have auto b but my server is dd + dm in dd maps anyone wons so there is auto b how to remove it? this is my code estructionDerby = setmetatable({}, RaceMode) DestructionDerby.__index = DestructionDerby DestructionDerby:register('Destruction derby') function DestructionDerby:isApplicable() return not RaceMode.checkpointsExist() and RaceMode.getMapOption('respawn') == 'none' end function DestructionDerby:getPlayerRank(player) return #getActivePlayers() end -- Copy of old updateRank function DestructionDerby:updateRanks() for
  7. MuStAfA

    [HELP] GUI

    I don't know scripting please help me with this please.
  8. MuStAfA

    Map Editor Issue

    Hello! i have a problem! well, only i am not having this problem my old friends who do mapping have this problem that the editor is bugged today i reinstalled my mta and still its bug !!!!! sometimes i can't open the map ,sometimes i cant add new defination ,sometimes when stop testing map mta crashes and many many more errors pls help me with this.
  9. MuStAfA

    [HELP] GUI

    + triggerServerEvent You must trigger it - redirectPlayer - Server Side only !!! Can you make it for me , Please ?
  10. MuStAfA

    [HELP] GUI

    Hello ! Hey all i want to make a panel that asks in the start of the game that do u want to join race or freeroam can anyone help me in this cause i really need it. Me and my brother have 1 server he want to call his friends and i want to call my friends so we want to share the server can anyone make a panel like this. Please!!! Please don't ignore and say make it your self cause i don't know scripting Please Help
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