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  1. Hi guys, Im making a panel but i want to make dxDrawText come to the first layer because an image that i have keeps on front of it... Help is apreciated
  2. Hi guys im having a issue with my multigamemode... i mean how can i import the race checkpoints from a [RACE] map?
  3. Hi guys! Im here to presente you my website and my scripts that im selling! Check it out! http://jalves4289.wix.com/scriptsmta#!project/cngp
  4. i know @Plean ok ok thanks xxmadexx
  5. hey guys, im doing a panel and i made a button with alfa = 200, and when a player puts the mouse over it sets the alfa = 255. But i dont know how to make this as there is no function to set alfa of na dx image Any ideas?
  6. oh really thanks it helped me!
  7. hey guys i just need a simple explanation... Im trying to do when a player clicks on a button(staticimage) he can use it again after 1 hour. Any ideas to do that?
  8. oh! really thanks for the help! i helped me so much
  9. Hey guys i making a vip system, so i did a small vip panel but i want it just private to the ACL group of vips. I dont know how to make this function private to Vip ACL group: function openPanel () if not isCursorShowing () then drawPanel() else guiSetVisible (background, false) showCursor (false) end end bindKey ("F4", "down", openPanel) Regards, *An0n-
  10. Well i think he is a scammer.. i talked with him onskype and he told me that: "I cant show you screenshots because im not on my pc" and I sad: "well but you have the scripts?" He: "no i dont have it here" and me: "hmm so when you arrive at home you take some ss and send me ok? " He: "No i cant i will not have internet at home pls buy the scripts now i send you half of it so you test it pls" (and i was like "WTF?! he didnt had the scripts now have them?!" So as u can see he is a scammer he wants u to donate the Money to his friend's server and i told no... i think the sscripts are very bad so
  11. Well added it to the server side now no errors but it still doesnt add the weapons to the peds
  12. function createPeds () SecurityPresident1 = createPed ( 163, 1122.9949951172, -2034.0960693359, 69.893829345703 ) SecurityPresident2 = createPed ( 163, 1123.04296875, -2039.7947998047, 69.88688659668 ) SecurityPresident3 = createPed ( 164, 1239.0545654297, -2041.8630371094, 59.883392333984 ) SecurityPresident4 = createPed ( 164, 1238.9310302734, -2032.6846923828, 59.880214691162 ) setPedRotation (SecurityPresident1, -90) setPedRotation (SecurityPresident2, -90) setPedRotation (SecurityPresident3, -90) setPedRotation (SecurityPresident4, -90) setPedFrozen ( SecurityPresident1, true) s
  13. Hey guys im developing a login panel, but idk how can i connect it to ipb forums... what functions should i use? and how can i make it?
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