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  1. I know that if you want to play at a server , you need to download two steps , and the second steps only need to download one time , but each time you enter the server the , first step of download have to do , and my question is I am making a gamemode , the first step need to download 2Mb files then I add 600 vehilce , the first step need to download 3Mb files so I want to ask : 1.what increase the files which need to be download at first step , is it serverside script? 2.will it cause many waste of Bandwidth ? 3. do we have some function to control it ? or decrease the files size?
  2. what a stupid boy I am thank u guys, found it here viewforum.php?f=148
  3. To protecet my client script ? I remember seems there is some function such as auto_delete() or Do we have some anthoer ways to protect clientside script ?
  4. Some suggest at first , the correct Translation should be this: 我们决定为中国玩家开放一个子板块,希望大家踊跃参与并转告你们的朋友 请告诉我论坛的中文名称是否准确(目前子板块名称是简体中文,但是我希望能够更加的常规一点,比如'中文语言'或者其他的翻译) 同时我们也在寻找制作组帮助我们管理论坛,候选人需要同时有比较好的英文和中文,这样我们才能更好的交流,也能更好的在论坛交流. And the tag names in home pages should be "Chinese / 中文 " such as other languages PS:球员 means football player in china , We used to use "玩家" to describe the game player Finally , I apple for the position ,too As a old gtasa online scripter who have watched MTA:VC - RACE - DM - became now the wonderfull craft and almost have all chinese server 's owner as my friend , I
  5. i can find some functions such as GetPlayerWeaponID so i can not return the weapon's id which the player is holding i just want to make a ammo script so i can use some ammo add to the weapon in my hand or there is another way to do it?
  6. good morning,sir i have found a nice resource named reload which allow play use r to reload ammo,i just want to make it better i have played in a zombies d server,in the server the empty weapon never disappear like single player game , and you can buy some ammo to fill it then the gun can use again, please tell me how to do it , or give me some example so i can learn from it,thank you
  7. Thank you guys , Kenix and Scooby u guys just make this clear and i finaly find a way : when player login , ask the server to send the data to client( i also have thought the ideal of scooby mentioned , and trigger twice make me think maybe there are better way) and i noctice that to do it when render is really a bad ideal thank you,too !
  8. thanks for your replay outputDebugString ( "[DEBUG]getItemDes ="..tostring(items[itemid].itemdes), 3 ) this step have print the correct item id (number) and what the client code is here function draw3DOverlay() if ( type ( selectedIndex ) == "number" ) then if ( myItems[selectedIndex] ~= nil ) then if ( alpha < 200 ) then alpha = alpha + 4 else alpha = 200 end if ( windowAlpha < 180 ) then windowAlpha = windowAlpha + 3 else
  9. in my serverside function getItemDes( itemid ) --outputDebugString ( "[DEBUG]getItemDes", 3 ) if ( type( itemid ) == "number" ) then --outputDebugString ( "[DEBUG]getItemDes is number", 3 ) if ( itemid > 0 ) then outputDebugString ( "[DEBUG]getItemDes ="..tostring(items[itemid].itemdes), 3 ) return items[itemid].itemdes end else return MISSING_ARGUMENTS end end addEvent("getItemDes", true) addEventHandler("getItemDes", _root, getItemDes) my clientside ItemsInfo = triggerServerEven
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