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  1. ok ,thats ok now , i will destroy the object , nice work
  2. tested ,seems no error now ! thanks u but need to destroy the object by myself?
  3. do not need detachAll anymore? just detach ?
  4. thanks u weapon bone is work nice , seems there are basic work of this bone
  5. yes , another question i trans from boneattach to pattch ,bind a weapon ak on player's right hand , when player hold the ak , its work nice ,but when its aim , the rotation is wrong , but its works find in boneattach , not sure if there is something need to do in pattach , do pattach fit for weapon? by the way ,i use right-hand , not weapon bone
  6. maybe i already find the problem: i destroy the ped ? so let info in table of pattach missed it ?
  7. ok , i understand ,thanks u local object = createObject(371, 0, 0, 0) setElementDimension(object,1) pAttach:attach(object, element, "backpack", 0, -0.15, 0, 90, 0, 0) WARNING: pAttach\client.lua:265: Bad argument @ 'isElementOnScreen' [Expected element at argument 1] i set object to dim 1 , but it keep output this error
  8. if i set attach from localplayer client , other player will see the attached object ,too?
  9. most function is shared whats the different from using function from client or server , do it same ? or client just work for local player
  10. already have my own project , or i will use this as basic one ..
  11. thats why my data handler is not work! but every resource use data system , so can not just connect it to 1 res
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