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  1. I have read that "focusBrowser(nil)" helps.
  2. @upper poster: That is more than wrong.. 2k ms = 2 seconds, 10k ms = 10 seconds 2 minutes (120 seconds) = 120000 ms 10 minutes (600 seconds) = 600000 ms (or simply do this: seconds * 1000)
  3. Thanks, I've come up to a solution with your given functions.
  4. First option: I already did this. I increased the mass (or was this wrong? dunno, am not such a handling expert) by a lot and it didn't really have any good effect (except the car being rammed continuously into the ground). Second option: I tried this as well and it also had not such a good effect for me. I'm setting the vehicles Z velocity to -0.005 every frame and it still floats around instead of sticking to the ground. Maybe I'm doing anything wrong?
  5. OOP

    add this to your meta: <oop>true</oop>
  6. I've been thinking some time about this and didn't come up with a solution yet. Perhaps you can help me out? Well, I want a vehicle being stuck to the ground, in other words: Instead of flying after you hit a ramp it should stay on the ground. A bit unclear but I hope you will get what I mean. Regards
  7. OOP

    Have you tried veh = Vehicle.create(...) ?
  8. Maybe this thread can help you a bit viewtopic.php?f=91&t=76834
  9. Do not exaggerate. A script that is huge doesn't mean it has more potential than a script with less lines but with the same functionality You must be kidding, how many loc per day do you write on average? 5? Hm.. Is your advanced script "Object-Oriented" or "Process-Oriented"? In case it is the second you cannot call it advanced imo
  10. You are welcome
  11. I've written this script for you fast. Please look at the comments and change the values and also change the outputChatBox texts. This script is untested but shouldn't have any error local par = { } local running = false function startGiveaway() if running ~= true then running = true outputChatBox("Tell the players here, that the giveaway has started, the amount to win and how to participate", root, 255, 255, 255) setTimer(function () local randomWinner = par[math.random(#par)] if randomWinner then outputChatBox(("%s has won!"):format(getPlayerName(randomWinner)), root, 255, 255, 255) givePlayerMoney(randomWinner, 0) -- change the 0 to an amount you like running = false for index, p in ipairs(par) do table.remove(par, index) end end end, 0, 1) -- 0 = time in ms (1000 ms = 1 second); change the 0 to a value you like end end -- Server addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () startGiveaway() end) addCommandHandler("par", function (player, cmd) local money = getPlayerMoney(player) if money >= 500 then if not par[player] then par[player] = true takePlayerMoney(player, 500) outputChatBox("Inform the player here, that he is participating in the giveaway", player, 255, 255, 255) else outputChatBox("Inform the player here, that he is already participating", player, 255, 255, 255) end else outputChatBox("Tell the player here, that is money is not enough", player, 255, 255, 255) end end)
  12. Easierst way to handle this would be writing an own mapmanager. Load mapfile as xml and then create everything from its node
  13. Got it working.. but no need to be rude
  14. I want to know how many bytes has been transferred since the transfer has started.. example: 163/635 KB, not the percent
  15. Hey, I have used triggerLatentClientEvent and some other functions to make a custom downloader, everything works fine. But now I want to know how I can query the total bytes that has already been transferred since it has started. I hope you can help me. (Showing any code is unnecessary, if such answers occur) Best Regards