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  1. هدا عدل يا خوي ما ظلمته لا تنسى هو يوم كان يخرب رومات الناس
  2. اما ما بركب مودات نابل بسيرفري هههه انا عطيتها بس ل يبي يسوي روم بيسمود يعني مساعدة مجانية 100% ههههههههه
  3. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله تعال و بركاته كيفكم شباب اكيد بخير و كل عام و انتم بالف خير الحين فيه ناس تبي تسوي روم بيسمود بس ما عندها لا مودات و لا زوار انا بعطها مساعده هدا رابط تحميل مودات نابل+ملف قاعدة بيانات سيرفر نابل ارجو يعجبكم و يصير رومكم ناجح و شكرا لMORJM-511 لي جاب لكم سر نجاح سيرفركم ^^^^ رابط التحميل [Removed link - Ransom] Mods TAPL+internal.db
  4. Ransom: TAPL not worth This Moderator; He only hack and destroy server people, I transpire Al3grab to get it.
  5. وش تبي انت نعطيك بالضبط مساعده ول شوب جاهز؟
  6. Scripting


    Hi all, I want just ask for if i do function cancelEvent() ; The Ban was ubanned? if can t what s function i can do to uban a player when he banned?; This the code of my don t work!: function onBan( banPointer, responsibleElement ) cancelEvent() end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerBan", getRootElement(), onBan)
  7. Hi all I m maked this code ,but onChat function don t work,fix and thx people. server-side: number1 = "test" function onChat ( message,type,number1 ) if message == number1 then outputChatBox("good") end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerChat", root,onChat)
  8. Hi all , In my code this to create a radar blip for other player [team]| don t work this, setElementParent can fix problem and thx! server-side: team = getTeamFromName("Team2") otherPlayers = getPlayersInTeam(team) myBlip = createBlip ( 0, 0, 0 ) -- Make the player the parent of the blip, so that the blip follows the player around setElementParent ( myBlip, otherPlayers )
  9. Scripting


    This event? Ok thx But how i can get nick ubanner in this Event?
  10. Scripting


    Hi all, I want just asking for this function removeBan if exist a event for this function, for exemple: When a player uban a ban from Admin Panel if i can know nick of the player uban the ban! and Thx!
  11. ابي مود يخلي السلاح بدال ما يطلع رصاص يطلع قنآبل او يطلع مفجرآت الخ .. client-side: function weaponfireds (weapon, ammo, ammoInClip, hitX, hitY, hitZ, hitElement ) if ( weapon == 24) then triggerServerEvent ("bulletboom" ,getLocalPlayer(), hitX, hitY, hitZ ) end if ( weapon == 23) then triggerServerEvent ("bulletboom" ,getLocalPlayer(), hitX, hitY, hitZ ) end if ( weapon == 22) then triggerServerEvent ("bulletboom" ,getLocalPlayer(), hitX, hitY, hitZ ) end if ( weapon == 31) then triggerServerEvent ("bulletboom" ,localPlayer, hitX, hitY, hitZ ) end if ( weapon == 30) then trig
  12. I think because script have 22480 line in if ( .... ) then elseif (....) I will remove some line? I can t show in 22000 line
  13. Hi all, I m making a script, when i start it problem saying in Console: SCRIPT ERROR: /server/22480: control structure too long near "end" what This problem?
  14. Scripting

    Pls fix

    Hi all, This a code to make a laser for weapon but he not work, pls fix it if have a problem and thx! client-side: addEventHandler( "onClientRender", getRootElement(), function() local players = getElementsByType("player") for k,v in ipairs(players) do DrawLaser(v) end end ) function DrawLaser(player) local targetself = getPedTarget(player) if targetself and targetself == player then targetself = true else targetself = false end if I
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