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  1. But what about now? At the moment there is a few GTA V online mods developed be different groups and are in early beta stages, my suggestion is to MTA team join them and make one great multiplayer mod, because current developers of GTA V mods in my opinion are not trustworthy as MTA team is to work on their mods. For now maybe they show interest in making a such mod, but who knows what they will do after a year or two. We know that MTA devs care about this mod, so they could take care of GTAV mod aswell if the original creators decide to stop development. MTA team should try to make contact with them and make one great MP mod for GTAV. If you want some info on those mods, i can tell you where you can follow their progress
  2. kad man apsikrai atrodo, kad GTA:SA lietuviu tarpe nyksta isvis, turiu omenyje ir SAMP'a. Aisku gal ir negerai atrodo, bet susidaro toks ispudis
  3. Stylez


    ohh.. thankyou, it did help me
  4. Hello mta forum. straight to the point have a question about this event, about the last bool "false", can someone explain it? because i did not found anything about that bool in wiki page, and as i understod it does not let parent element be triggered, only child element such as buyGUI.button in my case? so is wiki page missing some information about that boolean, because it is shown in example but i do not see anything explained about it. addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", buyGUI.button, buyMeat, false)
  5. Pakurk tutorialu pora lietuvisku, gal kasnors prades mokytis
  6. Gaila girdeti, galetu atsigauti lietuviu mta bendruomene, gal daugiau zaideju pritrauktu, kazkaip neuzsiveda veiksmas cia. Pats dar kuri kanors? Asmeniskai as pats bandyciau kazka, bet kiek kartu mokiausi, dariau niekada nesigaudavo, per sunki man programavimo logika, tai nuleidau rankas ir laukiu kol geru projektu atsiras lietuvisku
  7. Sveiki tautieciai, 100 metu nebuvau mta forumuose ir paciame mode, gryzau paziureti kas naujo. Aplankiau Lietuviu subforuma ir radau dykuma, tai kas gi atsitiko siai mazai "bendruomenei". Anksciau atrodo buvo aktyviu zaideju bei programuotoju. Idomu pasidare ar dar kasnors liko cia, ar yra kokiu gyvuojanciu lietuviu projektu
  8. Stylez

    Some help needed

    oh, i jumped over few lines when i was looking at script, thanks
  9. Stylez

    Some help needed

    No, you see carsTable = { [415] = 100, [413] = 50 } the 100 and 50 are prices for cars..
  10. Stylez

    Some help needed

    but look, now.. i tried to make it if player has enough money to be able to buy a car.. now error says line 9 attempt to compare nil with number. cant understand... carsTable = { [415] = 100, [413] = 50 } carShopMarker = createMarker( -2424.12036, -609.69904, 131.62, "cylinder", 1.8, 130, 180, 0, 50 ) function buyCar(thePlayer, cmd, cmdType, carID) if isElementWithinMarker(thePlayer, carShopMarker) and cmdType == "buy" then if (carsTable[tonumber(carID)]) then for i,v in pairs(carsTable) do local playerMoney = getPlayerMoney(thePlayer) if playerMoney > carsTable[v] then outputChatBox("nigga got a car") else outputChatBox("bbz, arba ner pinige") end end else outputChatBox("Neteisingas Masinos ID", thePlayer) end end end addCommandHandler("v", buyCar)
  11. Hey guys, can someone help me with this. I need to check if entered carID matches the carID in the carsTable. when i type /v buy its says bad car id... carsTable = { [415] = 100, [413] = 50 } carShopMarker = createMarker( -2424.12036, -609.69904, 131.62, "cylinder", 1.8, 130, 180, 0, 50 ) function buyCar(thePlayer, cmd, cmdType, carID) if isElementWithinMarker(thePlayer, carShopMarker) and cmdType == "buy" then for i,v in pairs(carsTable) do if carID == i then --local playerMoney = getPlayerMoney(thePlayer) --if playerMoney <= v then outputChatBox("good car id") --end else outputChatBox("bad car id") end end end end addCommandHandler("v", buyCar)
  12. Thankyouuu! now im gonna read ur script 10 times to understand what you did
  13. hey i created this function, but i it doesnt work.. every time when i /team blue nick it outputs Wrong syntax : /team [teamName] [playerToAdd]" function adminCanAddTeam(thePlayer, command, playerName, teamName) if hasObjectPermissionTo(thePlayer, "function.ban", true) then local playerToAdd = getPlayerFromName(playerName) if playerToAdd then outputChatBox(playerToAdd) local isCreated = getTeamFromName(teamName) if isCreated then outputChatBox("team exists", thePlayer, 255,150,0) else createTeam(teamName) setPlayerTeam(playerToAdd, teamName) outputChatBox(playerToAdd) end else outputChatBox("Wrong syntax : /team [teamName] [playerToAdd]", thePlayer, 255, 150,0) end end end addCommandHandler("team", adminCanAddTeam)
  14. Stylez


    No it's the easier thing! If its easy for you, could you make a tutorial where you create any kind of system with tables and loops and lots of detailed explanations, that would be great!