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  1. hi guys , today i open a new server for MTA ~xF~ Server Join call friends
  2. *FuN

    help with admin

    thankz que problem is the acl , i and replace for the old one , and works . thankz
  3. *FuN

    help with admin

    hi all i have this problem when i try to start a ressource or set a map in admin panel : http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/1200/helpjk.png i already restart the script and restart the server but steel the same
  4. *FuN

    help with country

    end local partOfName = string.sub( playerName, firstCodePos, secondCodePos ) local textLength = dxGetTextWidth( partOfName, fontscale(contentFont, s(1)), contentFont ) dxDrawText( partOfName, xPos+s(1), y+s(1), topX+x+s(1+column.width), y+s(11)+dxGetFontHeight( fontscale(contentFont, scoreboardScale), contentFont ), tocolor( 0, 0, 0, a or 255 ), fontscale(contentFont, s(1)), contentFont, "left", "top", true, false, drawOverGUI ) dxDrawText( p
  5. *FuN

    help with country

    someone can help ?
  6. *FuN

    help with country

    how can i make to accept them ?
  7. hi guys i have a script for country and flag but appear like this : http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/6784 ... 222530.png Someone can help ??
  8. I all , i was searching a scripter to do a few scripts for me i can pay with cell phone . Interested ?? Send me a PM cya
  9. *FuN


    hi guys , i was wondering if its possible to decompile lua files ??
  10. *FuN


    Hi guys , i need this scripts Camera countdown countdown sounds User Panel with map shop Points and cash system If anyone knows how i can get it tell me pls
  11. *FuN

    Need Scripts

    Hi guys , I want some scripts if you can help me tell me : Upanel with Map shop Points and cash points
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