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  1. Hello guys , I got my server hosted by Colorhosting . But my server MTA:SA 1.1.1 And i like to update it to 1.3.4 How can i do this?
  2. Still dont works Am i suppose to change the Marker Showgui 2?
  3. function() guiSetVisible (GUIEditor_Window[1],true) showCursor (true) end ) addEvent ("showGUI",true) addEventHandler ("showGUI",getRootElement(), this is the client
  4. That wont work:S I tryed that as last and dint work:S
  5. Hello, Me and a friend made a little arms dealer job but there is one problem if my friend walk's into the marker the gui dont shows up - Server side marker1 = createMarker (295.239,-37.58,1000.515,"cylinder",1.5,0,0,225,100) marker2 = createMarker (295.48,-80.38,1000.51,"cylinder",1.5,0,0,225,100) marker3 = createMarker (290.28,-109.35,1000.51,"cylinder",1.5,0,0,225,100) setElementFrozen(pedammusf,true) setElementInterior (marker2,4) setElementInterior (marker1,1) setElementInterior (marker3,6) function sellWeapons(pla, cmd) if not getElementData(pla, "selli
  6. You cant get it , cause the script is scripted by an other server , you can try to script it at your own or look at the community
  7. Hello , MTA Players I got one qeustion I have a output for my server but there is a kind of thingy called key*19 i realy like to know how i can change it right cause im trying to bring the text above inplace of 2 tables below and there is no such thing in the server side here is the line it self i know its the Y of the Retangle and the Y of the text but everytime i change it the tezt comes above it and above the other text i tryed key*0 rec = dxDrawRectangle (x/3.5, key*19, 709, 19, tocolor( 0, 0, 0,170)) text = dxDrawText (value, (x/3.5) + 1, key*19, 1197, 25
  8. Hello, Since a while i learned a little scripting and i tryed to make more Places to deliver good's for the trucker job but i got one problem It seems always to get the same problem no matther what i try to do the script at it self is a bug already but the problem is alway's unexpect symbol near 'or' Normal Script --Truckerjob function truckerJob ( theTruck ) theTruckVehicle = theTruck theTruckTrailer = source theTruckTrailerID = getElementModel (source) local theDriver = getVehicleOccupant ( theTruck, 0 ) if ( theDriver ) and ( theTruckTrailerID == 584 )
  9. Today i have made my own interior for my group i added the positions in interions.map but it dont shows the marker at the place i need to enter --- This are the Interior positions added into the interiors.map --- <interiorEntry id="SOA" posX="739.11" posY="-1258.5" posZ="2002.5" rotation="0" dimension="0" interior="0" /> <interiorReturn refid="SOA" posX="764.5" posY="-12.77" posZ="999.75" rotation="0" interior="0" dimension="0" /> I've anye one know's what i did wrong please tell me,
  10. Gamekiller


    You mean the scripts that admin can fly our what?. if not what can the script do?
  11. Gamekiller


    A few day's ago some one joined the game Called Blazy and started flooding the server
  12. Gamekiller


    To blazy Castillo.
  13. Gamekiller


    Hmm your the guy that's flooding server's ( Dossing ) Why if i may ask?
  14. Ok that's not how you Play it.... or even make it work you are right but there are more things then only doing that. you should install Xamp 1.7.4 After that go to this topic viewtopic.php?f=148&t=42067 and because i think you are new i would like you to read this to http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Server_Manual and if you want to learn scripting here's a little help how you should learn it http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Scr ... troduction
  15. Hmm... 404 Error can some one please add a new mirror... ( New download link )
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