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  1. Hey - so, the idea is simple. When you want to move several objects (or in some cases, many many objects) - you either need to use a third party plugin, or just re-map it. In order to solve this problem, there could be an option to group selected objects, for some time - so when you right click on the object group, you can move them all at once. It could help the mappers a lot.
  2. Also - the map for the Outdoor Mall is released.
  3. An another outdoor mapping. If you are wishing to download this map, please visit the following link, http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=3769 Also - Thanks, Noddy and John Michael. (:
  4. Uh - what do you mean exactly?
  5. Thanks a lot, for positive comments. Heh, it means a lot. And between - Dakilla, can I just add setOcclusionsEnabled thing under the removeWorldObject, it will work?
  6. Roman Catholic Church Outdoor mapping. My first work with an object removal. No more then 20 objects used for the mapping, and one has been removed. This is an exterior map, with no interior. (Though, I am planing to make one) This could be a nice addition to any server, but not just Roleplay ones. Any kind of comment is accepted. Thanks for watching. Aaand - Benxamix2, thank you.
  7. As I am not familiar with nothing else but Map Editting, can anyone tell me how to remove the Objects with running some resources? - Got my help throughout IRC. Thanks.
  8. An office interior As in most cases, when you want to create an Office interior, you prefer the Drivers School interior, as the City Hall is too big, and there are nothing else to replace it. So - I was looking through the interiors, and found the Bistro's top-side could do some great good for this goal. Here it is... I hope you enjoy watching it and any kind of comments is much appreciated.
  9. I would like to ask how to remove the Objects, on the GTA SA Map, via the Map Editor. Or at least, is it posibble for me to remove the Object in a most easy way and see it throughout the Map Editor, while I am mapping?
  10. Deli Store Again, an another map for roleplay purposes. The GTASA has no delistore/coffee shop/diner type of Map that is available, and there was a good Interior sadly was not solid. I pretty much made it solid, added some nice objects and turned into a Deli Store/Cafe, that you can go in, buy your food, drink your coffee and order a nice burger or fries. It also has a backroom, that can see the people inside. Dont forget to open the Captions while watching. Now available through MTASA Resources, http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=3765
  11. If you are going to move it to a random place, then my suggestion would be like... each X has xxxx.xxxxxxx number on it. Ignore the part after the dot, and just add an another amount to the first four. Same goes to the yyyy, but if you want to move to an another location, a spesific one - then I have no idea, sorry.
  12. A Detective Bureau mapping This map is created for Roleplay purposes. Open up the Captions (watch this preferably on the YouTube, not as embled), for the information regarding each room. Briefly, it contains Captains and Lieutenants office (as two commanding officers), the main office area (for Detectives), a line-up and an interrogation room. Have fun watching it.
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