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  1. Jason X

    Everyone shut up

    EVERYONE SHUT UP WITH THE FUCKIN EMAILS THAT DONT GO NO WHERE!! these forums are for help perposes. not some school girl sissy chat.
  2. Jason X

    Gang Locations

    Ya, its really snowy up here in Canada......IF YOU GO BACK 50,000 YEARS!!!! Now, that was a burn. Truthfully, its 30 degrees Celcius up here and it couldn't be hotter. Btw, about that war of no winners or so they call it, they only call it that cause YOU GUYS WERE THE LOSERS OF IT!!!. History is wrote by the winners, so in our history books, we stand proud and tall. Hey Xerox, go and get them some ice.....FOR THAT BURN!!
  3. Ill try my best, I cant promise anything
  4. Why have a limit on how much to kill? I say you do like normally in gta vc, you kill some people and get a star. The more stars, the more stuff the cops can do to you: 0 stars : No killing 1 star : Arrest with no guns 2 stars : Use only hand guns 3 stars : Use a larger variety of guns 4 stars : Use m16 and mini guns 5 stars : Run over, use all guns 6 stars : Not considered human, use what ever it takes to kill that s.o.b. Personally, I'd rather be part of the lcpd
  5. Jason X


    sorry bout that last comment, its 1:39 am here and im kinda cranky
  6. Jason X


    I wanna be a copper eh. Bust some gino asses, while still keeping cool with the sk8ers. (I know, I dont make any sense) I know im not supposed to ask the releese (screw spelling) date but im just really hyped up on killing some bad dudes TELL ME THE RELEESE DATE!!!
  7. Dont worry, im working on somethin myself to send to MTA, its a mod for gangs and peds and so far its working like a charm
  8. BTW, Rockstar games, I didn't mean that
  9. Sweet ass movie dudes, as far as rockstar games are concerned, tell them to get bent. You guys are in charge now
  10. Darn, i really wanted to use my new gang skin It tooks hours to make and now i cant even show it off
  11. then how do people get different skins?
  12. How would you know? your a newb, you probably dont know much more than i do
  13. What is the fastest way forsomeone to become a beta tester? Or do you just have to have a big "MR. Wallet" to have someone listen to you?
  14. Ok, my birthday is comin up soon and my brother is getting me Vice City. So I though before I got the game I would like to learn some faq. I was looking through the front page posts and saw some screen shots. Getting to the point they were wearing different skins. I was wondering if you guys finally got around to letting us choose our own skins. Is this true or do you just use whatever skin you want? Btw, my b-day is on the 20th so I want to try and get a reply before then. Thanks in advance.....Jason X P.S. Xerox and Killer2005, tell me if you get any new people for our gang. I already ma
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