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  1. Ok send mi Link for server host .
  2. i dont have problem ok if you have link for server host with paypal send mi it
  3. Hello, I want host my server with paypal or mobile phone but i want with mobile phone. Send mi links, and [GOOD] websites Thanks !
  4. Okay is working, Thanks for the help !
  5. I added this line and i writing in teh conslole start mapmanager ,and isn't working [2012-02-28 20:05:15] WARNING: BaseMode\bs_server.lua:196: Bad argument @ 'destroyElement' [2012-02-28 20:02:42] ERROR: unzipped\admin\server\admin_servermaps.lua:19: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got boolean) Here it's teh problem but i can't chnage i dob't know how and where and... Please help. I have [basemod] --> Link viewtopic.php?f=108&t=29549
  6. Hello ! I have own problm with the basemod and i want help. I have basemod but have problem here [2012-02-28 15:43:44] votemanager\votemanager_polls.lua:72: Votemanager did not function correctly because the 'mapmanager' resource isn't running. [2012-02-28 15:43:53] ERROR: admin\server\admin_servermaps.lua:59: call: Failed, the resource mapmanager isn't running [2012-02-28 15:47:24] ERROR: unzipped\admin\server\admin_servermaps.lua:19: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got boolean) This is the problem please tell mi what can i change to running. Thanks !
  7. [2012-02-10 13:23:40] ERROR: Not processing resource 'wargrove' as it has duplicates on different paths: Path #1: "resources\[gamemodes]\wargrove" Why ???
  8. When i go to MTA SERVER i wrote this [2012-02-09 22:00:30] WARNING: Not loading resource 'War Grove' as it contains illegal characters [2012-02-09 22:00:32] WARNING: Not loading resource 'War map' as it contains illegal characters Why?? I know have a problem but where is this problem??
  9. My map name is War map
  10. Hello I have own map in map ediator,but i want tou put in my server and i don't know how put the map in the server can help??
  11. I have own script for house_system. But i Don't know where i put this script . can help mi?? .
  12. Hello How can i be a Admin?? i go tou Group Admin and i don't know what i do pls can help mi?? OK now i put one foto tou my group Admin object name="resource.c-panel"/>> object name="user.Naser"/> Tell mi what can i change to be a admin Thx!!
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