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  1. BlueBerry

    in-game map editing script I think you mean this resource?
  2. BlueBerry

    Help Me RPGPolice script

    That seems to be a part of the WSS scripts.
  3. BlueBerry

    Can I 'pause' a for loop?

    Try using coroutines
  4. BlueBerry

    MySQL weird error

    Are you entirely sure that result[1] contains data, because it complaints about being unable to index a value.
  5. BlueBerry

    Team Color Chat

    Be more specific.
  6. BlueBerry

    Special vehicledoors [Free to use script]

    Nice project. I've always missed this in mta!
  7. BlueBerry

    [WIP]Reddit Browser

    Nice work woov.
  8. BlueBerry

    MySql problem

    Yeah, change it to the mysql server ip.
  9. BlueBerry

    [REL] Counter Strike: RenderWare GameMode

    Looks great!
  10. BlueBerry

    Scripter Gezocht

    Wat IIYAMA zei, het zelfde geld eigenlijk wel voor een DM/DD race server.
  11. BlueBerry

    [Lua] How to make a numberID command....

    The tutorial is filled with errors and doesnt work. How it's done correctly. function poopaDoopa(player, cmd, id) if (id) and (id > 0) then -- checks if an ID was typed and if id is greater than 0) ana = setElementData(player, "poops", tonumber(id)) -- to number verifies that the id is a number else outputChatBox("SYNTAX: /"..cmd.." [id]", player, 255, 2, 0, false) end end addCommandHandler("poops", poopaDoopa) function howMuch (player) outputChatBox("You have ".. getElementData(player, "poops").."amounts of poops", thePlayer, 255, 2, 0, false) end addCommandHandler("poopa", howMuch) What was incorrect to your code was the string insertion from lua, which should be done by placing 2 dots in front and behind when it's completely surrounded by the string( "this " ..value.. " is a value"). When there's a string infront you should place 2 dots infront of the value("This" .. value) same goes for behind the value, ( value .. " is a value"). Also I suggest you not to pass values across functions unless they're delivered by a function, like the value AMA you were calling, you can better just call the getElementData from the code where you want it to be. What was also not really clever was the localPlayer you used, you can better use (player, command, value) instead of using localplayer, as it can be used in both serversided scripting and clientsided scripting. Also, this made very little sense to me; function poopaDoopa local id = tonumber(id)(cmd, id) You're declaring the varible id the value id, which is the same. I know many scripting languages need you to declare the type of a variable before you can use them, but LUA doesnt. LUA's variables are pretty much dynamic, they are all types in one, when they are empty. I suggest you to try and master LUA before you start writing tutorials.
  12. BlueBerry

    Join geluid

    Als de console joint? De console is altijd 'in' de server.
  13. BlueBerry

    Tanken script!

    Als je niet weet wat BiiLLY bedoelt, je moet een outputChatBox() na ieder knelpunt zetten (Na elke if of loop bijv.) indien hij daar vast loopt word deze daarom niet ge-output, waardoor je de fout kunt constateren.
  14. BlueBerry

    Looking for C++ developers.

    It'll be an MMORPG, instead of the co-op semi-rpgish genre of gta online.
  15. BlueBerry

    Looking for C++ developers.

    The summarized version of the concept can be found here: ... sp=sharing