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  1. Some Scripts info: Countdown: The numbers 1,2,3, passes from one side to the other screen, and when they occur in mid-GO and visual effect changes color briefly HunterTimes: Hunter Top Times With Image
  2. Picture Link: Somemaps http://www.mediafire.com/?umvxusab45xsba4
  3. Welcome. I am looking for my server user panel. I can give it for all kinds of map. I can give a lot of scripts. If someone interested contact me in skype: gytislt14 Skype name: GytisLT
  4. Hello. I need a user panel to cross DD server. in first tab (statistics) should write 1 you hawe won n/a times 2you have played n/a maps 3and big image 2 nd bar is shop buttons: 1.repair price 1000 2.nitro price 1000 3.flip price 1000 And when player win map he wins 100$ ScoreBoard Colum Money 3th bar 1 change name color 2. change chat color 3.change car color thats all. i will pay be paypal. first panel then money. no frauds! pm me or write in skype gytislt14 about price ? say me how mutch u need.
  5. But you know some maps are worth 5$
  6. I can give 100 Maps. Including all new maps.
  7. Hello i need user panel for my server i trade Race DM maps To panel Skype: gytislt14
  8. Hello i have a panel and i need to add image.. Help me.. Client.lua localPlayer = getLocalPlayer() rootElement = getRootElement() players = getElementsByType ( "player" ) playername = getPlayerName(localPlayer) GUIEditor_TabPanel = {} GUIEditor_Tab = {} GUIEditor_Button = {} GUIEditor_Label = {} GUIEditor_Grid = {} Mainwnd = guiCreateWindow(120,129,532,295,"Welcome ".. playername .." Stats Panel",false) guiSetVisible(Mainwnd,false) GUIEditor_TabPanel[1] = guiCreateTabPanel(9,19,408,267,false,Mainwnd) GUIEditor_Tab[1] = guiCreateTab("User",GUIEditor_TabPanel[1]) GUIEdito
  9. meta.xml "DD" type">type">type="script" version="3.7.0" /> >type="client"/> gui_client.lua I will dont post full code only where error toServer = {} theSkins = {} theTimers = {} theMessages = {} local cnt = 0 local boxW, boxH = 333, 111 local sW, sH = guiGetScreenSize() local boxX, boxY = sW/2 - 166, sH/2 - 50 local headX, headY = boxX + 60, boxY + 12 local headXb, headYb = boxX + 277, boxY + 40 local textX, textY = boxX + 13, boxY + 48 local textXb, textYb = boxX + 320, boxY + 98 local textF = 1.3 local headF = 2.5 local timeDeath = 1 local colorSet
  10. I getting error: [2012-03-11 19:12:39] Starting panel [2012-03-11 19:12:39] ERROR: panel\gui_client.lua:7: attempt to call global 'guiGetScreenSize' (a nil value) And bind key to close/open panel F7 Dont work How to solve it ?
  11. gytisan

    Any panel ?

    I need a good race panel i can buy it. does someone know any ? race_starter_pack i good but alot servers has it.
  12. gytisan

    Nitro NFS

    I see alot in other servers have Nitro NFS when you click mouse only then Nos Turt on and when un-click turns off
  13. gytisan

    Nitro NFS

    Does someone know how to get NFS Nos Script ? I see alot in other servers have Nitro NFS when you click mouse only then Nos Turt on and when un-click turns off
  14. Kenix Give me 1 example for /brb please
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