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  1. function justTesting() myPlayer = getRandomPlayer() givePlayerMoney(myPlayer, 1000) giveWeapon(myPlayer, 31, 200) outputChatBox("You are the choosen one!", myPlayer, 255, 0, 0) end addCommandHandler("justtest", justTesting) For example there are 4 players in my server. A = 1st player B = 2nd player C = 3rd player D = 4th player. myPlayer = getRandomPlayer() will get a random player i.e B. but will "givePlayerMoney(myPlayer, 1000)" line give the player named "B" money and weapon or get another random player? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Se
  2. Agon


    Thank you it works
  3. Agon


    thank you ernst and karthik_184 but i have a problem now t = { lol = "duck" bastard = "***" } --- this code works BUT t = { lol = "duck" bastard = "***" #%x%x%x%x%x%x = "" } --- this code doesn't work I tried making even this: t = { "lol" = "duck" "bastard" = "***" "#%x%x%x%x%x%x" = "" } --- but this code doesn't work either so is there any way of disabling color codes on messages or do you have an idea about this problem?
  4. Agon


    wow it works thank you guys and karthik_184 thank you for explaining the script and 1 more question. How can i detect player's message? I want to make a bot system. for example when i say hello, the bot will say hello. I know how to make a bot talk but don't know how to detect a message
  5. Hi guys. This is my chat script (in freeroam/fr_server.lua). addEventHandler('onPlayerChat', g_Root, function(msg, type) if type == 0 then cancelEvent() local r, g, b = getPlayerNametagColor(source) local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Owner" ) ) then outputChatBox("#00A6FF[Owner]" .. getPlayerName(source) .. ': #FFFFFF' .. msg:gsub('#%x%x%x%x%x%x', ''), g_Root, r, g, b, true) outputServerLog( "CHAT: " .
  6. OnVehicleStartEnter cancelEvent outputChatBox I think these can help you
  7. ShowPlayerHudComponent this will help
  8. Agon

    [HELP] minigame

    But if i use source instead of victim, should i be able to detach the element? because it is attached to "victim" not source and btw I have 2 questions: 1) How can i make a timer? I mean for example I want the killer to kill victim in 5 minutes. 2)Will this work? I mean will the money and points be seen on the scoreboard? I'm not good at scoreboard function scoreBoard() scoreboardAddColumn("Points") scoreboardAddColumn("Money") end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceName(getThisResource()), scoreBoard)
  9. Agon

    [HELP] minigame

    It works fine until you kill the victim. WARNING: ktv\ktv.lua:38: Bad argument @ 'getPlayerAccount' [Expected element at argument 1, got boolean] WARNING: ktv\ktv.lua:39: Bad argument @ 'getPlayerAccount' [Expected element at argument 1, got boolean] WARNING: ktv\ktv.lua:40: Bad argument @ 'getAccountData' [Expected account at argument 1, got boolean] WARNING: ktv\ktv.lua:41: Bad argument @ 'getAccountData' [Expected account at argument 1, got boolean]
  10. Agon

    [HELP] minigame

    I tried to make something like this but it doesn't work. It gives errors. Here is the code: function setKillerAndVictim(source, command, killer, victim) if killer and victim then local sAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) local kAccount = getPlayerAccount(killer) local vAccount = getPlayerAccount(victim) local vx, vy, vz = getElementPosition(victim) if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(sAccount), aclGetGroup("Admin")) or isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(sAccount), aclGetGroup("Owner")) then setAccountData(kAccount, "is.killer",
  11. there are some "Third Party GTA Mods" which make those smokes invisible. I don't think you can make it with script. Edit: Try deleting gta_sa.set file from the User Files. Edit 2: Try installing "GTA SA Ruckelfreier Mod v1.2" if deleting gta_sa.set doesn't work.
  12. Agon

    [HELP] skin system

    Sorry it was working. my fault btw i have a new question. i edited my first post
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