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  1. Drive about the map mate, the cars are sparse but they r there. Also ur luckier than some , at least u got it working, when im in game no one is about (even if the server has people in it) im told this wioll be fixed in next patch though .
  2. Well as far as i understand i am beta testing 0.3b, the b stands for beta and the thing is bugged like a beta. Edit: Wont ask for release date if it offends u in some way. Ohh and thanx for fixing the downloads section
  3. Lol Bump uve done something to the server i think. Ive tried playing 0.3b and (never actually got it to wrok properly) had some very funny things happen. Once i spotted a banshe lined up close to a squad car at the exact position ur in, some one was in the sqaud car (they didnt moove of course, they never do with me). I shot the suqad car and it pulled a vanashing act. Btw whilst im talking about my faults, i encountered a server ghost (a banshee that kept speeding of the docks into a boat and then ito the water). It kept respawning and dooing it over and over, i dont suppose ny one has done
  4. U have ASE yea? Cause that will have servers with their Ip. Its not like a halflife scenario where u open up multiplayer and it searchers for a list of servers. U need ASE for that. ASE = All Seeing Eye
  5. Doesnt matter, i found the problems forumn and made a much better post there. U can close this post. All future erros i will post on the problems bit
  6. Wicked, whens the latest version due out then?? I didd love the server ghost thing especially seeing as ive always wanted to try beta testing, but i do want to play. thanx for the replys btw
  7. 6) My favorite one yet - this is an extension of one of the other points. A couple of secs ago this happened; Ok so i join a game (again, hoping that it might work). I join diablo...OMG theres a green dot thats MOOVING!!!!!!. Ok so i get in to a diablo car, excellent the fault where my aim is constantly to the right of my car has gone. i drive out the little area and towards the dot <<>>. Ahh (me thinks i have encountered this fault before). So i pick diablo again, take a diablo car, drive for a few mo's towards my dot and flash it happens again!!! Ohh dear this time the fault is
  8. Im sure these arent due to my incompetance and i have searched the forumns for help but not found ny thing that has helped Im on Win xp home edition version 0.3b of mta and v1.1 of gta3. 1) I connect and the dots dont moove on the radar, nothing i have read about this on the forums has helped. 2)Both me and my friend have stood in the same server at the same point and not seen one another!!! Whats going on here? 3) Supprisingly enough i encountered someone or something. A diablo car struck me at the diablo starting point then smashed into the wall and whent through it. I saw a solitary ma
  9. Artigamer i get almost exactly the same faults as u, my friend also told me he had that one about the guy running into a wall, he also had it on an empty server!!! I on the other hand have seen very few mooving people and when i did i was hit by a diablo car that then whent through a wall and dissapeared. Ive no idea what the hell is going on plea some one help me/us with this prob. Im on xp home edition.
  10. K the downloads section still isnt up so i dont have a manual, if ny of these questions are answered in the namual im sorry. K so i have the latest version, i have v1.1 of gta3. I can get into game but even if ASE says people are there they never actually are although there are usually some VERY strange things going on in game, like people constantly running into walls, cars disapering randomly in the street then reapeering and my controls have locked so whenever im in a car i always look out the right window. Can ny one tell me wht the hell is going on, me and my friend have been in the
  11. Ohhh ok me, well thanx for the help. wouldnt have got ny where without u.
  12. Ok i can get in cars (that was my fault i forgot id changed the buttons about). The mafia car is still fliping back and forth, i cant blow cars up with my gun and as i was driving along once i randomly respawned on the roof. Is all this normal. Also when i change radio stations i get a lag spike (i think i get this on normal game to though - have u ever heard of this prob, do u know what fixes it). Desspite wiertd faults and few cars (i also couldnt find any weapons except the uzi) I love it. thanx for making it, me and my friend are gunnu try and ghive it a shot now.
  13. Cheers for the link but i found one and downloaded it about a sec ago. 0.3b is that latest oi believe, thats what i have. I would like to know why there is a mafia car constantly dooing backflips when im in game and why i cnt get in a vehicle? if u know?
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