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  1. edited fo your mammys that is some immature moderating though...
  2. hey, fuck a Geocities, i'm going to email this to someone, who can host the MOD for me?
  3. here are some screenies, the mod will be up next, just chill... EDITED: Come on I wouldn't be a mod if I didn't this, go ahead and talk about it, but if you really want it, pm it to yourselfs, there isa to be no posting of pr0n here (forum rules) i made the face outta a pic of this hispanic bitch named Tahnesha I know, she got a kick outta it...
  4. If I post pics of my stripper mod are you gonna take em down or delete my post? I will not start another thread I want to pu my screenshots right here. She's a beauty, nice shaped up bush and all, little tattoo on her lower back, and the face is of some chick I know. I will post some screenshots and make a link available for DL. Oh, this is the second stripper, after you aquire the Pole Position strip club, the first one is butt ugly, the second one is straight though. I put a lot of HARD work into this, please tell me I can release some screenies...
  5. yo Burton, just curious, if you are "just a girl" why does your profile say... Occupation: lot boy for brian jessel BMW Interests: cars and girls hmm...
  6. London KY represent!!!! Louisville here whatup... I noticed the colors changing in game, tinting everything red, then blue, then yellow and so forth. what is that all about!!?!?!?
  7. SAME BUG BUT WITH A REGULAR SENITNEL oopscaps, mybad... umm I also jacked another player for their car and went into the front seat and then the car had a blue arrow over top but someone else was controlling it but I could see from my POV. oh also after i finally managed to get out of the car the door was left open and nobody was inside but the car kept driving until it was stuck against a wall with the tires spinning like a burnout.... this MTA is pretty fucking fun, even though its buggy, the bugs are hilarious...
  8. DAMN HOMEY, THAT IS A LICK! why so much?
  9. HorIzoN

    Vice City Glitches

    HAHA That guest was me, yeah it was in a Landstalker. I have seen some other interesting glitches such as people half buried in the sand on washington beach. There has been NPC's that are stuck chest high in the sand and will be wiggling around and then fall through and pop out close by right there on the ground.
  10. It's a Brian Adams song from the late 80's. I think they made a techno remix of it within the past year. Yeah, it's an annoying song, but the music was appropirate, considering that there wasn't alot of action in the video, just a cute display of some of the new features. I am very excited now, and this video is cool, the music was perfect, it made me laugh...
  11. this was a great example of whats to come, i am very impressed and look forward to the release. i have stayed away from GTA3 waiting for this to come out and when it does I will just be piss pants happy. Thanks MTA you made my day....
  12. A: best moderator? are you kidding they all SUCK! especially the ones that delete and lock posts for dumb ass reasons because they get a power trip from it.... (awaiting backlash) j/k I dont post here neough to really know the answer to this question.... Q: Should I buy BF1942 for PC?
  13. OK Artimus, can you just give me your address and I will be there in a couple of weeks. I know this is short notice but I need health insurance benefits. Does becoming a Russian Mafia familia member give dental and health benefits? A 401k plan? If not I may have to reconsider. Please let me know so I can come and meet you. RUSSIAN FAMILIA FOR LIFE!
  14. white boys: I work, matta fact I post maily from work since I get kinda bored wiggers: Who will be the next target of coalition aggression in the Middle East? I CANT BELEIVE YOU GUYS DONT KNOW THE ANSWER TO MY BONUS ?UESTION losers, kekeke
  15. : P2P sucks you theiving commie peice of shit! : How long is the longest you ever pissed? (time or length) BONUS ROUND: $20.00 to whoever can tell me why I used the picture of that dude with the afro for my QUESTION!!!!
  16. Alpha: Hell muddafawkin geah, sounds like a good idee'er. My shit be getting mad hot dunny dunion. Omega: Are you buying Vice City for PC or downloading it like a theiving pirate peice of shit?
  17. Antelope: Number Munchers 2003, Oregan Trail (Adult Version) Quail: What the fuck is ______?
  18. i'm 24 years old... umm, I have some more questions... 1. So first, basically I just buy a plane ticket to Russia, what city? 2. When I get there do I then just find a mafia guy? 3. How I will know who's mafia, by their apparrel? 4. Do I then tell him I want in the mafia, or is there some secret code thing? 5. Will I have to go knock someone off or something to get in? 6. Can you send me a promo packet or something? 7. Is there a website where I can join online? 8. Do you charge any annual fees? 9. Do you take Visa, Mastercard, and American Express? 10. Is the sign up fee refundable incase I am not satisfied with my membership? okay, just email me at suckerpunch@cockweasel.org with the details Arti! THANKS!
  19. how can I join your Russian family?
  20. ok, but you do have to admit it was funny that someone went through the trouble of making it, hosting it, and putting it in a forum for people to DL... it's kinda like waiting for a new album and DLing a bootleg copy just to find out it's fuckin Milli Vanilli remixes...
  21. I DL'd it and it loads up to a conslole that says MTA 0.3 test, but I'm at work so I couldnt try it, GOE deleted the post. I am putting it on disk and taking it home to take it apart and see what the fuck it was. oh well....
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