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  1. Are the normal people/police or what some people call pedestrians? . going to be in the future releases?
  2. Is there going to be a non player police?
  3. Selkerot

    My web-site

    a bad number , am working on that one now
  4. Selkerot

    hell or heaven

    My mom and dad made me , u know how that works right
  5. Selkerot

    hell or heaven

    i believe in my self!, thereis no heavon or hell thiss is just a mdae by people who get dunk ......sry but this is my way of thinking sry again for the believers
  6. Selkerot

    My web-site

    Only need to fix the intro
  7. Selkerot

    My web-site

    Oke this is my second website... http://www.thelegendaryforce.nl what do u think of it now give it a number! thanks Man these numers look like school
  8. What are the diferents???????? between the 0.1 and the 0.1b?
  9. Whel i think mta is the best on this moment for a deathmatch...but u can't just play the "normal gta3 way"like stealin cars kill cops and stuuf like that (ofcourse that whil be changed in the future) So if u wanna play that u better can play ggm mod....only it's very bugy and bad animation's......but i just play mta alote:P
  10. Selkerot


  11. Selkerot


    muhahahahhaha lol! okay if that;s it
  12. So am he only one huh that's make me cry,.or it whil be just a problem for me
  13. low land low land mpffff if benelux is nothing
  14. Whel 70% beer 5% music %5 boduguardd education what ever:D,10% about cars .so u wan;t have the otehr 10% for free wii j/k i don;t eaven know what c** is ,but am happy to learn it whit my 10% brains
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