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    solved. thanks
  2. Bought one, everything went great, their support is amazing. After I while I noticed our server took too much RAM so I had to change, but during the whole process their support was amazing. Got personal help from Cameron through their IRC So yeah, I vouch for them.
  3. If I understood your correctly, change directory where you installed mta server like cd THE FOLDER WHERE YOU INSTALLED MTA then you will need to change directory to multitheftauto_linux-1.3.0/ assuming you didn't change the folder name then, chmod +x mta-server and then run ./mta-server
  4. You can enter, just it will not ouput, write the password then click on enter should do it If you bought a dedicated server which is in rescue mode you can enter it without entering a password.
  5. upload the resource folder to the website eg: www.yourdomain.com/resources
  6. Arion

    Linux Server.

    It's quite easy, if you want I could help you set up a mta server. PM me!
  7. Not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish. If you're trying to host a mta server through an website it would be against the webhosting rules unless they're weird. Also, a free hosting website would not offer you SSH access like someone mentioned 000webhost. If you're trying to make a website where they can rent a mta sa server for free you'd need some PHP and Linux skills. And I doubt anyone would help you without getting payed, I wouldn't. It's pretty hard to connect php - linux. edit: If you're planning on hosting many servers I'd recommend to buy a server desktop. You'll howeve
  8. well, what operate system are you running the server on? I had the same problem on Linux but then I downloaded the pre-complied and it worked. If you're running it on windows check the .conf file and look for a mistake, it would most likely be a simple error like forgetting to add <> > example: 32 would make the console send that, but adding 32 would make it work.
  9. Arion

    Remove R* objects

    I guess that's what he's asking for lol
  10. Arion

    Remove R* objects

    removeWorldModel( modelID, radius, x, y, z ) restoreWorldModel ( modelID, radius, x, y, z ) restoreAllWorldModels ( ) client-sided, correct me if this is not what you want.
  11. Well, you need to rent a website or some website hosting shit and upload the resource folder up to it. The download will be faster but you need to protect it well because if someone finds out the download url they'll be able to download all of your scripts. Good luck
  12. Hello there, I've gotten some space left on my dedicated server so I thought I'd offer you something. The server is obviously on 24 hours a day without any lags or high ping (Europe) This server is currently being hosted in my server room at my place so no risk for maintenance except if my ISP decides to fuck off which they've never done before. I'm currently running 100/100 fiber (lines underneath the ground shit) I'll either give you FTP Access or if you have any knowledge within Linux a account so you'll be able to access it through SSH. The server specs are the following: Intel® Core i
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