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  1. Type: Two guiCreateWindow open, one on each computer. This guiCreateWindow has a guiCreateGridList. When guiGridListRemoveRow, wanted to erase the line on both computers. Updating the window on both computers. How?
  2. Your code worked. Something else. pegarVar = function(aa,bb) local cc = aa local dd = bb return cc, dd end addEvent("enviarVar",true) addEventHandler("enviarVar",getRootElement(),pegarVar) recebeVar = function() end Code client receives variables from the code server. Now I want to pass the variables to other functions. (recebeVar receives variables cc,dd) How?
  3. How to pass parameters? I have this code below: passar = function(aa,bb) local cc = aa local dd = bb return cc,dd end recebe = function() --I want to receive the value cc, dd function "pass". Here. How? end
  4. Apparently I've seen there's no way to solve this problem. If not troubleshoot it'll drop everything I did. Because it gets boring on a server you kick a guy and all the network has been kicked too. Can not solve it not? how to solve?
  5. No problem, if you are using seperate pc's. The only problem is if you are IP banned, both pc's would be banned. well, think of an Internet cafe (multiple computers). How it will work, only one person can play?
  6. I am creating a server, a person with two computers at home (same network). With this problem mentioned above, is hard to play. How to solve? With script solves?
  7. I'm having problem on the server, the following: 1 - Open login screen on 2 PCs on the network. 2 - I type login and password on a PC1 and enter. When logging in PC1, PC2 is logged at the same time. Note: Two computers on the network playing, One computer takes a kick, the other also takes kick. The two are kicked together. Help
  8. triggerClientEvent - send information from server to client. triggerServerEvent - send information from client to server And to send information from server to server. How?
  9. hank

    Help message error MTA

    When open MTA 1.3 this message appears: Load failed. libcurl.dll exists in the GTA directory. Please delete before continuning. Help please.
  10. Thanks to everyone for the answers, I found the name in the link above.
  11. I found Infernus, I want to know which name is txd Police LS.
  12. Thank you, you do not know where to find the txd and dff Police LS (id 596).
  13. I want to modify the car, where I caught the txd and dff? (Infernus e do carro PM de LSPD)
  14. hank

    [Help] Game money

    Beauty, thanks to all. OnOlayerChangeNick used and it worked (locked command).
  15. hank

    [Help] Game money

    Thanks again. One more question, how to disable the command / nick.
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