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  1. its funny because this gay word 'noob' is such a nerd expression
  2. thats such bullshit. that sounds like a way to con ppl into seein the movie
  3. here ya go. take out your vice city cd, slide it into ur oven and set it for 60 minutes. In the meantime, MTA made a book about a french sailor named "Manual". idiot
  4. hey, at least the passenger option is around!
  5. thats not even a site according to the link
  6. wow. thats the best vid ive actually seen 4 a while. good job mate
  7. when i launch a server, right. i try to connect to the game via the gta-vc.exe thingy but every single time it says unhandled exeption. now i cant erase it or anything. wtf?????
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