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  1. WolfPire

    CD47 Ban

    Hey guys. I've been playing MTA for long, and I tried to play today when I received this message I read it's due to cheating, but I haven't been active in MTA in days. I used to run a server years ago but nowadays I just play casually. I don't really know who's the owner of that e-mail account. However, I do have an idea why this is happening. My ISP uses few IPs and shares them with their clients, which makes it so that many people may be sharing the same IP. So perhaps someone tried to cheat in the game and I got a banned IP? I only have basic knowledge about network
  2. Vez ese cero al final de la función? Cambia eso a "1". Sintaxis: setTimer(function, tiempo, cuantas veces se ejecuta). Si pones 0 será infinito y deberás detener el timer con killTimer si lo tienes asignado a una variable. Por otro lado, te noto que si debes reiniciar un recurso al iniciarlo, quizá haya algo que no esta funcionando como debería o debería realizar cierta acción luego de cierto dado tiempo. Suerte!
  3. Great work! ^-^/ よくできた、皆!!!!
  4. My bad for what happened with the Spanish Menu. Some of the images i uploaded somehow broke thanks to the bad server i was using. I was thinking on re-uploading them with better quality but seems like it's been taken care of... However i can recall doing them with the exact same size... I don't know how it turned out that way... Also, i've translated to Japanese and still awaiting a way to submit the translation.
  5. JAPANESE TRANSLATED 100% However i'm having problems since i can only suggest and not submit. Anyone mind helping me out?
  6. Haz tratado de utilizar attachElements ?
  7. Translated as much as i could to Spanish... Took 5 hours. Spanish Language 100% Thanks everyone for your support and help! EDIT: Trying to translate a bit of Japanese with the knowledge i have. EDIT 2: Translated main menu text-images. - WolfPire
  8. My strings will be longer and longer, more sub-tables will be added on each vehicle add. Is there any way to by-pass this or make a way through it?? >w< EDIT: Please tell me i wont have to fragment it ._. *braces for impact* Actually not the case... It will keep getting bigger and bigger... Geez... This might get real big actually. EDIT 2: Found this: http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 91&t=51152 EDIT 3: AAAAAND... Doesn't work.
  9. Hi there, guys! I'm now creating a personal garage where the players will be able to save their vehicles, with upgrades, paintjobs, health, etc... But i'm having problems with the "fromJSON" function which delivers me a "nil" value when i use it. Here's some part of the code... Thanks for the help in advance! Client -- This will load the vehicles that are sent from server, here's the problem --| --| --| --v addEvent("addToGrid", true) addEventHandler("addToGrid", root, function(vehs) outputDebugString(vehs) removeEventHandler("onClientGUIDoubleClick", GarageGL,
  10. Yeah, it's been over 3 years already coding with LUA for me and i just realized this as i was using outputDebugString Thanks for the advice, this way i'll avoid making my server log a nightmare >w<
  11. I tried something similar before... Well thought, itoko! It actually got rid of player messages! But it wont output the rest :c Thanks for the help still guys, anyone up to a solution to this? P.D: Aussi, merci pour le code quand même EDIT 1: I noticed that all the outputs are linked to the player too, so no matter if the player didn't output anything it will still take the player's message. So i'm on a pretty much fucked situation atm lol EDIT 2: Since it's not an element, it's a resource, i used "outputDebugString" in order to find out how this was working... And eventually it outputs
  12. Yah, but the problems is not canceling it, the problem is outputing it the data, without outputing also the players message. Here... In onChatMessage we get: - Resource's outputChatBox - MTA Hard-Coded Messages - Player Messages [X] - Etc... The marked one, i want to get rid of it and only receive the rest. Thanks for the info tho', didn't knew it isn't cancelable.
  13. Nope... I will totally get rid of the chatbox itself... Here's the deal... I've already handled players messages... However whenever i try to output the servers messages (resources) they will get output, but also the players message. I need to find a way to get rid of the players messages or i'll get it doubled.
  14. As i said before, i've already handled that... i'm canceling the event as everything they say get output to a custom chatbox i made.
  15. Hi there, guys. It's WolfPire again. It seems like i have a little problem with a script. It works, the problem is whenever i use "onChatMessage" it also outputs the players name + message. However i have that handled in the function above. How can i get rid of the player's messages output and just leave the resources output? Server function send(text) triggerClientEvent(root, "onSendChat", source, text) end addEventHandler("onPlayerChat", root, send) function onChatMessageHandler(text, element) if isElement(element) then cancelEvent() else t
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