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  1. So this is a problem i've been having a lot , and not just at a specific server, but all. What happens is, im in a server playing normaly, then i get " Network trouble" then i get kicked out because of that. After that, i get a good time without being able to connect to any server, always get "timed out". Now this is a thing that happens a lot to me, at any server, and then i check my internet conection and there are no problems whatsoever, so that wouldnt be the problem either, also the computer is pretty good. I used MTADiag, is it safe to share it here? Edit: there was a mist
  2. lol, thanks works, i tryed this but only in "poor" mode maybe thats why it didnt work, thanks
  3. this time there is no Debugmessage and still not working
  4. still not working DEBUGSCRIPT MESSAGE: ERROR:\client.lua:3:attempt to call global 'setWeaponPropriety' (a nil value)
  5. still not working, omg, just a simple thing gives more work that a bunch of bigger things.
  6. yeah lol, this must be simplier, but still cant work with it ---clientside function tazerreload( startedRes ) setWeaponProperty ( 23, "maximum_clip_ammo", 1 ) end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getLocalPlayer( ),tazerreload)
  7. yeah lol, but still i changed that, in jay's version and my version, still doesnt work
  8. no, no errors, and still doesnt work, idk whats wrong with it.
  9. still doesnt work ps:u can use ---this insted of pastbin
  10. I made this but for idk why it doesnt work, it doesnt even output a debugscript message, can u help ? ---Clientside function reloadtazerclient () if getPedWeapon ( getLocalPlayer())== 23 then triggerServerEvent ("ontazershoot", getLocalPlayer()) end end addEventHandler ("onClientPedWeaponFire", getRootElement(), reloadtazerclient) ---Serverside addEvent ("ontazershoot", true) function tazershootserverside(sourcePlayer) reloadPedWeapon ( sourcePlayer ) end addEventHandler("ontazershoot", getRootElement(),tazershootserverside) (i already tryed "(source)" insted of "
  11. sorry, probably some bug, i tryed many times earlier and didnt work, tryed just now and works, thanks anyway.
  12. I made this part, i already tryed "if", nbut didnt work, so i tryed "if not", still the same. this is part of the script ---serverside function checkBBHQspawn() if not isObjectInACLGroup( 'user.'..getAccountName( getPlayerAccount( source ) ), aclGetGroup( "Admin" ) ) then triggerClientEvent ("onnotHQverification", source) else setPlayerNametagColor ( source, 255, 140, 0 ) spawnPlayer ( source, 2392, 2792, 14, 180, 211, 0, 0, blackbulletsteam ) giveWeapon ( source, 31, 500) giveWeapon ( source, 27, 500) giveWeapon ( source, 24, 150) giveWeapon ( sour
  13. thanks, it works , i have other question, if i wanted to match a random place how could i do it. Like in this function (attacker, gun) if getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(attacker)) == "Police" then -- if attacker was a cop if gun == 23 or gun == 3 then -- if it was a tazer or stick setElementPosition(source, -643.82635498047, 1945.7033691406, 2) setElementPosition(source, -1980, 4991, 39)-- set there position end end end ) i wanted to make it to warp it or to a place or to the other
  14. i was trying to make that when a player that is inside a colshape after a timer get warped to a place. I dont know whats wrong with this. function warpplayer ( thePlayer ) if isElementWithinColShape ( thePlayer, Bankcol ) then setElementPosition ( thePlayer, 2655, 2706, 411 ) end end Also tryed this, actually i tyed this first function warpplayer ( source ) if isElementWithinColShape ( source, Bankcol ) then setElementPosition ( source, 2655, 2706, 411 ) end The debugscript 3 message is always the same: Bad argument @ "isElementWithinColShape" [Exp
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