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  1. ekin113

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    yea the vid, i'll try again
  2. ekin113

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    it says the source filter for this file could not be loaded?
  3. you like...jump backwords up the slope at the dam
  4. Yeah I was playing there also, wasnt aware they accused you of cheating. And I always fell through the dam before I could reach the top, maybe next time i'll get it.
  5. Well it all works fine...when i connect to a game...it loads fine then brings me back to my desktop...and nothing happens...also i cant use the 1.1 patch because it says unknown version...maybe i have a austrailian 1? If so can ne1 send me there Vc Exe?
  6. ekin113


    Its at c0000005 at adress: 004e004c EDIT: Also I downloaded a new 1.1 patch but it wont work because it says the .EXE is a Unknown version or something- And i took the spy sweeper fire walls off but no luck
  7. ekin113


    Well i connect but i dont thibk ne1 can see me and i cant see ne1 else. MTA3 works fine and all but VC is messed up. only the car blips pop-up when i press the right mouse key. Everytime i use 1.1 i get a unhandled exception. I download another 1.1 later but i have to go now. I have a spy sweeper on my computer ill try turning that off also but I have to go right now. Also im using XP
  8. ekin113


    The game starts fine and everything but when i get ingame i see no-one and theres no blimps ne1 help?
  9. theres nun wrong with changing your skin in mta..but the whole model and game...thats modding..
  10. R* said that theres No multi player...but now there saying theres a co-op mode. Spong, a relatively small gaming site were lucky enough to visit Rockstar's headquarters in the last few days and view a preview of the game. As you'd expect they asked about multiplayer in San Andreas, but were told there is no multiplayer. What they did find out is that eventually you will unlock the ability to do some co-operative missions with a character who will be controlled by a second player. There's not too much information on this, although it could be* a brand new huge feature made public just days be
  11. lol..i duno bout data transfering...
  12. i know that u cannot use MODS while playing gta3. but i have to say...i usually lag pretty bad. i have saw this MOD that takes the newspapers and cigarettes away to increase my frame rate...and takes away rain also...i was just woundering will these result in crashes?
  13. ekin113

    is it a MOD?

    thanks....its across from the pay'n spray. so theres the Scarface bathroom i keep hearing about. and i have found another way to get to that glitch lol
  14. ekin113

    is it a MOD?

    i was recently watching this video titled the twilight zone. in the video the person goes into an apartment callled apartment 30...is that a MOD and if not where is it?
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