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  1. okok, just close my topic's or delete them both please D:
  2. Hello, I'm searching for a Random Vehicle-spawn. for my DD map, i need that script The idea is u need to win the DD map, with diffrent random vehicles. does anyone have it or can simply create it ? please pm me greetz
  3. hm i dont get it. but thx anyway -Edit: Close topic please.
  4. but i want it in my DD map on public servers.
  5. Thx! But, when i start my Local server. and i put the files in the map. + the lines in meta etc it says: could not find race_server.lua do you know what that error is coming ?
  6. No, i mean when you have infernus pickup, 1 minute after u picked it up, the pickup became a sandking. like that. thx for ur fast respond
  7. Hello, im searching for a script that makes the vehiclechange random every 1 minute. do you have it? do you know anyone have it? Please contact me. Skype: Jessiezwagerman or Pm.. greetz
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