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  1. when ever im done capturing video i wanna do wut any normal self-respecting person would do..gawk at my own achievemnet. but to my dismay, after the using fraps 2.0.0 build 1777, i cant play the video back with media player. it trys to download the codec info but fails. wont play in winamp either. anyone know where i can get this codec or why fraps is being gay?
  2. when i did this wheelie i didnt scrap on the ground and it wasnt a bug. i just balanced and steered and pumped the gas so that i stayed in the wheelie position.
  3. wut i did and always do for wheelies on pcj's (and it's defineatley a pcj) is toggle back and forth between leaning back and the gas. no bug.
  4. i really just dont get that question..
  5. u just have to do a wheelie for a long enough time..the longer the more bonus. not to be a dick but, try playing the single player mode b4 u get in over ur head.
  6. no a record but i think it's forum worthy.
  7. just in case noone said it yet, some should make a "genius" website for these records. it would add yet another limb to the beast that is MTA.
  8. nice hosting but not that deverse.. 4/10 stars
  9. i dont know if anyone else has come up with this idea, cuz im too lazy to read through ten pages of posts, but: since mta0.2.2 has established a way to make money by doing a trick, there should be a mode that allows you to use this income. some examples: -buy weapons -buy cars/bikes/heli/boats -buy prostitutes to enhance health/armor beyond the "100" limit. or wutever else. seem like a good idea to me, but i could be just as rong as i think im right. its up to you to make that decision. by the way, great job with the improvements with 0.2.2
  10. ya and when u get on a bike as a passenger when theres no driver it crashes vc. probably has something to do with that bug.
  11. nice score but that would be retarded if you cheated.
  12. i like thargore's idea about the comments. i would give us a good idea about wut ppl think about or vids
  13. i mean a vid clip of your character spinning out of control.
  14. i thought there was no secondary shooting button in mta like there is in single player and the ps2 version?
  15. thats awesome. i can't wait til this mta gets really big. (like when mta 1.0 comes out) and i can tell my friends that i was there when all they had was gta3:mta 0.3b. defineately should be inspiration to all the developers.
  16. yesterday i jumped in the air or something to get over to a pcj in that area and money appeared on the ground. i didnt know how it got there and i still dont now..
  17. the only thing is that my vid is posted on your site as "Kyf's Stunt Video". it should be "KYFS Stunt Video" as in Kill Yo Face Sucka
  18. thanx a lot andy. im glad u guys liked it and a big THANK YOU for the hosting. angelfire bandwidth is ridiculous. thanx again.
  19. i think this will open up more opportunities for newer game ideas. i defineately vote YES
  20. KYFS


    too much time spent on pointless shit.. if he's an idiot just dont let him on ur server.
  21. here my video. let me know what you think. download it here http://redasses.homestead.com/vicecitystunts.html ^ not hosted there anymore...dont know why
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