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  1. ummmm man its all messed up pretty mutch lets just say argnoths sux n vc-mp is only way to go frome iknow on till they fix server browser for deathmatch kk peace outz
  2. 2baked2play

    mac os x

    it somewhat does ok dude hers what u gotta do if u wanna run it on a mac u gotta have a program called boot camp newer macs come wth it just need winxp sp2 cd thn u boot it up n windows n blam thers mta on a mac somewhat the gtavc for mac is just for playn though knot for online cause they changed quit a few files for it to run on mac n mta wouldnt work n mac opperatn system varry good sein that the mouse dont work wthout tha fix n even wth fix it neva works right all tha way n usn tha mac gtavc anyways n tha auto ai
  3. there aint shit on game monitor its only rpg servers o i hate thm ima play vc-mp for know i guess mta-vc is still tha best gta-vc mod eva though im hopn 1 day someone will redoo tha server thing can only hope 1day though i miss it so mutch though ok hope 1 day someone will fix it ill be there that day ok peace outz allz .
  4. please bring back up tha server finder for mta vc please or please start codn a new one please i miss mtavc so mutch it was the bestest mod of all y u allz just gonna let it die out like that it was your allz best mod i think at least yeah sa is good but mta-vc was bettr i think shure it had its buggs but think of all tha hard time n effort u allz put into it it was so nice n fun u allz could easily make a new server brouser for it y u just gonna let a masterpeice like that die out pleaase bring it back please i promise i
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