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  1. But I Saw Many Hunter Helikopters But On the Map Its Only One !!!!! Howe Does Thet Come
  2. ok But You Dident Answer My Question !!!! Tere Must be Mor Hunters In The Multiplayer Game Some Were !!! *Pleas* Answer Me
  3. In Some Vc Servers I saw Many Shoting Helikopters Howe Did They Get All Of Them Teres Just One Helikopter In The Game ?????????
  4. Fuck Off Dude !!!!!! Suck My Fuking *** If Y Want !!! But Dont Talk Abaout My Spelling !!!!!!
  5. ok !!!! but i want the player animations !!!! is it in version 2
  6. Could Some whone help me howe to add some cars here and tere in mta: vc *pleas*
  7. Hi I Think That They Could Do The Player Animations On MTA :VC
  8. can´t i do that the traffic would come back in multiplayer ?? or can i for example add som mor cars some where ???
  9. I whant to play multiplayer against my brother on lan on vc and i hav sen som pictures and on them they are playing VC multiplayer can some wone help ???? and i wonder if some whone now haw i could add people in GTA 3 ??
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