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  1. You could for example do an easy achievement like "Getting Hunter on Vortex v11". So you go and check, where the player changes his vehicle by driving in an pickup. If the pickuptype is vehiclechange, continue and check if the vehiclemodel is a hunter. Then check, if the mapname contains vortex and v11 or something like that. Then set the achievement to 1 and give some money, for example.
  2. Subject says it all... local x, y = guiGetScreenSize () local localPlayer = getLocalPlayer() local spectators = {} addEvent('addSpectator', true) addEvent('removeSpectator', true) addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', root, function() triggerServerEvent ('addClient', localPlayer) local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() g_dxGUI = { spectators = dxText:create('Spectators:', 2, screenHeight - dxGetFontHeight(0.0, 'bankgothic')-40, false, 'default-bold', 1, 'left'), spectatorsCount
  3. I just need to know, where the variable g_ForcedNextMap get's created and checked...
  4. So, I'm coding a command, that let's the current map play again. Now I want to make a new variable, that get's checked before g_ForcedNextMap.... So, where can I find the g_ForceNextMap, where it is created? //EDIT: Edited title
  5. ty sooo much! Yea I use sqlitebrowser, but thnx for the information Greetings from Germany, Deadmau5 (not the real one )
  6. I want to "edit" the "internal.db" to make a new field, called "adminlevel". Now I configured the adminsystem new, to check, if the player has adminlevel 1 to open it. But I dont know, how to write or read variables out of an SQLite Database FILE...
  7. Deadmau5

    SQLite Help

    Hey guys, want to make a new variable in the internal.db to make a new Adminvariable. Isnt as easy as thought... Need to load and save it at dis-/connect... Please help at SQLite Greetings, Deadmau5.
  8. You mean resource.SERIAL? or user.SERIAL? //EDIT: So i need to make an extra mysql table for example where the serials are saved? //EDIT2: Why the f*ck i don't use user.SERIAL ? Thnx at all //EDIT3: Any way to script-connect an user to his account? Like LoginPlayer(player thePlayer, account theAccount)? //EDIT4: Sry for the much edits, but now i have a big problem... It shows me anytime the USAGE text function adminCMD( player, otherplayer, level ) if getElementData( player, "pptts.canusemakeadmin" ) then -- the shared logic local otherplayer = findPlayer( otherplaye
  9. I dont have serial in the dumb acl I try to add an object to the group admin, (serial.MYSERIAL), but it wont work
  10. Ty for this, ill try //EDIT: Nothing happens... //EDIT2: adding serial.SERIAL to any acl group doesnt work *_*
  11. Muchas gracias //EDIT: Now i need a makeadmin command... But why this dont work? function adminCMD(player, otherplayer, level) if getElementData(player, "pptts.canusemakeadmin") then -- the shared logic if otherplayer then local serial = getPlayerSerial(otherplayer) local thegroup = aclGetGroup(getElementData(otherplayer, "pptts.acl")) local otherplayername = getPlayerName( otherplayer ) local playername = getPlayerName(player) if level == "Nichts" then aclGroupRemoveObject ( thegroup, "serial.
  12. I have a big problem... my script always returns error if i use this function putplayerteamneu( ) local serial = getPlayerSerial (source ) if isObjectInACLGroup ( "serial." .. serial, aclGetGroup ( "Member" ) ) then setPlayerTeam ( source, getTeamFromName( "Members" ) ) setElementData( source, "pptts.acl", "Members") else if isObjectInACLGroup ( "serial." .. serial, aclGetGroup ( "Moderator" ) ) then setPlayerTeam ( source, getTeamFromName( "Moderators" ) ) setElementData( source, "pptts.acl", "Moderator") else if isObjectInACLGroup
  13. Tyyy Works now And to make a command not available for a... moderator i do "command.redo" allow="false"> right? any way to disallow SETNICK?
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