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  1. I made a TTT gamemode over a year ago, never really got around to finish it though, the core functionality is all there and it cycles maps and rounds like a normal gamemode. If you have the ability to finish it, it has a lot of potential. viewtopic.php?f=108&t=56001 Good luck.
  2. correct me if I'm wrong, but this is nothing more than a CDN ( content delivery network ) for scripts. Something like this can be easily achieved using the external web server in MTA and nginx, nginx shines when it comes to static content, which is the only thing it will be serving. Although the idea is nice, I personally don't see much use in a service that you can easily replicate on your own gameserver within an hour.
  3. Yeah the SQL was changed somewhere along the lines, I'm currently working on porting the entire SQL system to MTA's built-in MySQL system so you don't need to do freaky stuff with any modules.
  4. Shameless self bump. It's been quite a while since I've posted an update for this, but I'm doing a little scripting here and there so I'm going to push an update to the svn soon with a little extras. Most of it is code cleanup though, if you do have some extras feel free to send a patch.
  5. I see Sensei is practicing the art of, how to ruin your own community by kicking everybody who matters to it. wonderful art.
  6. MTA in itself is really not all that intensive, it only becomes very CPU intensive once you get a lot of players in a server. And then again the performance of your server relies very much on your scripts. If you scripts are made to do things in a very efficient way, the CPU load is going to be significantly less, I can say this with experience, as my own server performed a lot better after some SQL Query tweaking and some preload functions with an average of 300 players.
  7. AeroXbird


    Change your charset to something that supports the characters you intend to put in the database.
  8. The theoretical limit is indeed 65535, however in reality no server or ethernet connection can uphold that amount of concurrent users, so 4096 is really the max you can do with a very powerful server.
  9. First of all, MTA does not have any 'recommended' hosters, the MTA team does not endorse any hosting company. If you're being attacked by scriptkiddies, ask your host to block their IPs on router level, or block the attacks yourself using a software firewall. If they are a little more sophisticated I'm afraid you're going to have to open your wallet and change to a hoster that has DDoS Mitigation, OVH for example. Or ask your hoster if they offer a DDoS Mitigation package for your server. All of this requires that you have some knowledge of security.
  10. MTA-Paradise wasn't made by Socialz, but Mabako.
  11. Ok so you've got 2 options: Option 1: Default compiling which has virtually no security benefit. Just join this guys server: And you'll notice how EVERY SINGLE script on the CF server is stolen from CIT. They're so lazy they don't even rename the resources! You can go on there and see CITchecking CITsettings etc but you can tell the instant you join the server that it's a copy because every GUI is a clone from the moment you see the login panel, you don't even need to look inside their client files to know for definite it's all copied. Clearly default compilation is virtually ineffective
  12. It would indeed be a great thing if all of these small roleplay communities merge together to form one. But the fact is, this is simply not going to happen, for various reasons: First off, they all love to have control over everything that happens in a server, better still they love having the 'power' to give themselves money and items ingame. Secondly, over time all of these roleplay communities have started a big rivalry against eachother, resulting in massive DDoS attacks towards rival roleplay communities, but also other servers ( such as CIT, SAES, SAUR ) to try to get some extra playe
  13. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. We run quite a few client scripts, and because we put a lot of time and effort into them we want to keep our competitors from trying to steal or copy our hard work ( even if it's just client code ) and using it for themselves. This latest development that forces us to use lua.mtasa.com is something I am strongly against, I will never upload my scripts to any server other than my own, It does not matter how good the MTA Team is, this is a security flaw which I don't want to have. If I want to compile my scripts the way I used to, please MTA, let me do i
  14. Looks promising, I look forward to checking this out
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