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  1. Montis.

    Need help.

    First thing i'm not very good in lua scripting(newbie). You have to add the mp3 file in the meta.xml I know it. But I just don't know how to create it in script.
  2. Montis.

    Need help.

    Hi. I have this script how can I add more songs? function startMusic() setRadioChannel(0) song = playSound("music2.mp3",true) outputChatBox("#ffffff* #C0FF3ETurn on/off Music Using #FFFFFF\"M\"",255,255,255,true) end function makeRadioStayOff() setRadioChannel(0) cancelEvent() end function toggleSong() if not songOff then setSoundVolume(song,0) songOff = true removeEventHandler("onClientPlayerRadioSwitch",getRootElement(),makeRadioStayOff) else setSoundVolume(song,1) songOff = false setRadioChannel(0) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerRadioSwitch",getRootElement(),makeRadioStayOff) end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),startMusic) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerRadioSwitch",getRootElement(),makeRadioStayOff) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerVehicleEnter",getRootElement(),makeRadioStayOff) addCommandHandler("musicmusic",toggleSong) bindKey("m","down","musicmusic") addEventHandler("onClientResourceStop",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),startMusic)
  3. Montis.

    Some Questions

    Hi I have questions how to create nos pickup, car pickup, car reapair pickup? What a function to use create this?
  4. What a program to use to open this file?
  5. I insert this in acl xml file but nothing changes. login is folder name. I don't understand someone tell me what i need to do?
  6. Hello I download resource reg log system and when I insert something in gui table and press button nothing happens this with all systems reg log. And I get error: Sorry for my bad english.
  7. Montis.

    Simple help

    Nothinng thanks for help ;D
  8. Montis.

    Simple help

    I try this script: function skinas(thePlayer,command) local skin = getPedSkin( thePlayer ) outputChatBox ( "Tavo skin id: " ..tostring(skin).."!" ) end addCommandHandler ( "skinas",skinas) And result: Tavo skin id: 126!
  9. Montis.

    Simple help

    I create command but when I use command nothing happen. Script: function Skinas(commandName) outputChatBox ( "Tavo skin id: " .. getPedSkin ( getLocalPlayer() ) ) end addCommandHandler ( "skin",Skinas)
  10. Hi i just created simple command and i need put player in car how can i do it? My command: function SukuriameMasina(thePlayer, command) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) local Masina = createVehicle ( 411, 0, 0, 0 ) spawnVehicle ( Masina, x+3, y+3, z ) outputChatBox("Masina sukurta", thePlayer) end addCommandHandler("masina",SukuriameMasina)
  11. How can i debug srcipt? I know i can compile with f5 but how debug script? Sorry for my bad english ;D
  12. Ok I changed UTF-8 in UTF-8 without BOM with notepad++ program and i compile the script with lua program and i get error:
  13. Any script to compile I get an error. What i need to do?